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  1. wait, did he just say combining characters and storylines, does that mean we’ll have mickey and goofy popping up to help out the x men

  2. Brent from Bloomington on

    Aww, come on. WB has been nice to DC. Disney didn’t buy the company just to run it into the ground.

  3. Might be a good move. Now Disney (and Marvel) could grap the rights to superman. Marvel alone most likely wouldn’t be able to, and Disney without a comic publisher would loose money if they did it.

  4. Well, there goes Marvel down the crapper. Come one people. If you dont think this is going to happen you are blind. Disney needs new blood because they are running out of story ideas and ideas period. Disney is also notorious for cost cutting so get ready for Marvel to slash titles. Maybe there wont be so many X books anymore. Get ready for it. It is going to take a few months for Disney’s non-knowing accountants to go over the books and run numbers, but get out the hankies now because the Marvel comics are going to be slashed. Now if you dont believe me, just sit back and watch. Look at it this way, Disney is going to save you some money if you are Marvel buyer.

    • Awesome way to put it Eric.

      I am that marvel Zombie who spends $20 a week a their books. I dropped all my Deadpool cause I thought Marvel was doing him wrong. If Disney does the same to everything else it’ll just save me money or buy me different books I may have looked over.

      I am trying to stay positive but that the itch in the back of my head that you just scratched.

      Everything is going to be ok…it will be ok :)

    • I really doubt that they would be this stupid. I really, really do. Would they react this way, they would be facing an outcry from not just the countless Marvel fans, but from every single Marvel writer, editor, illustrator, and from the comic book industry in general. Turning Marvel into just another creative house would be a disastrous business decision for Disney. And if Disney is in this to make money, they won’t be this stupid.

    • At least most of the scary words you hear with acquisitions were not present. As the victim of several, start watching for key words or phrasing like

      “synergy between companies”
      “complement each other”
      “merger of equals”

      (and my favorite)
      “Realize the economies of scale… ”
      He did say the somewhat less scary “long term value for our shareholders”

      If you see things like that in an announcement, well lets just say get your resume updated and on your home pc, just in case.

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