When you are a world renowned robot that has crossed paths with everyone from Einstein to Hawking, hanging out at a cafe with Dr. Carl Sagan talking about a creature from out of space doesn’t seem too crazy.  A fear of bugs on the other hand…

robov34COVER.jpgThe latest issue of the Atomic Robo Shadow From Beyond Time series finds Dr. Atomic Robo Tesla (yes, that is his real name) and Dr. Carl Sagan in Peru trying to capture the the thing from out of space in an attempt to study it before it pops out of existence once again.

How Robo convinces Sagan to join him on his mad quest ensures that readers know this series is a tongue in cheek look at sci-fi-horror-action-adventure stories. Even the mad chase through the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu, while a tad on the creepy side, brings out one of the oddest fears any robot could have – bugs.  I’ll admit being chased by a swarm of beetles possessed by the spirit of a monster from outside of time and space does make one feel a bit uncomfortable, and Robo’s fear being spelled out three volumes in, continues to prove to readers that series writer Brian Clevinger still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

Likewise, Scott Wegener drops tons of references into the background of the story which entertains, but it’s his ability to continue to draw the time period correctly, is fantastic.  I had a chance to read through the first series again the other day, and even though it has been two years since Atomic Robo debuted, you can see positive growth in Wegener’s style.

I was about five pages into the issue before I remembered the ending to the last issue, and it took me aback for a second; Robo’s entering into the belly of the beast was not explained at all, and the events in this issue kick off with no mention or follow up.  I was sure that I was missing an issue, but the final page explains everything in a devilish way, that is sure to get the Michio Kakus of the world spinning in their seats wondering what the heck is going on.  I too can’t wait for the final issue, too see how Clevinger and Wegener wrap this series up without blowing our minds, or the universe, into oblivion.

The Good

  • Gun totting Carl Sagan
  • Robo in Chuck Taylor All-Stars
  • Ro-Man

The Bad

  • What is that girl doing in the diner?

There’s really nothing to dislike in this issue.  From the bug chase to the appearance by multiple Robos (one we haven’t even seen yet), Atomic Robo continues to shine with each and every issue.  It seems Atomic Robo can do no wrong except taking the number one spot on the top 300 comics sold each month.  If you read Atomic Robo, then you owe it to yourself to get out there and proselytize to the unclean masses and get them to buy this series.  Atomic Robo #3.4 earns another solid 5 out of 5 Stars.



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  1. The first computer problem, or bug, happened when an insect entered a computer and created a short when it got electrocuted. Robo has good reason to fear them :)

    Throughout this issue I kept wondering, okay so why did Robo enter the beasty last issue? Then I got the beginning of an answer at the end, it was a very cool moment.

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