This issue: The crew arrives in the Skeleton Towns, and take a journey down a mine shaft.  What will they discover inside?  Another exciting chapter of Critical Hit!

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  1. Wait, is the official name of the party “Torq and the Torquettes” now!? Orem’s parents will be so proud when they hear he’s part of said group :)

  2. Loved the new episode!! Torq is cracking me up. I can definitely feel for Rodrigo when the group starts veering off on a tangent. When I DMed I found it hard to not get frustrated when the group was losing focus. Keep up the good work Rodrigo!

  3. I’m really enjoying these 4e podcasts. But, you ought to look into the updated rules for skill challenges ( – the DCs are different, and players don’t take turns in initiative order (I guess to encourage group thinking) The mine descent could’ve been a bit more eventful, even just simple things like “there’s a shaft, 10 feet across: jump over it, climb down it, or creep round the edge?” to prompt skill usages.
    But on the whole I love this kind of live session RPG podcast.

  4. Hi,

    thanks a lot for this, i am really enjoying the series.

    Why don’t you guys post as well the Character and monster sheet at the end of each podcast? This could help a bit more the new players.


  5. I don’t know if anyone will check this after all this time, but as I listen from the beginning to the ongoing tales of Torq and the Torqette’s, I occasionally either miss something or feel like either a) somebody missed asking/doing something that maybe I would have (possibly missed simply due to other people starting to ask things and just getting sidetracked) or b) it’s easier to see these things from the outside listening in. I may post my questions (hopefully on the podcasts that they originate from) in hopes that my curiosities might get sated. If my question gets answered in future installments then cool, I’ll get to them but if you can remember I’d like to know two things from this one. 1) The dome thing with gears on the bottom that Randus found that had been stolen from the Exilarchy of Cogs that was then turned into a belt buckle for him, what did that do? Does it give him any kind of bonus or have another use besides “holds pants up”? I don’t think anyone asked if it did anything, it just got clipped on and people went to something else. Also nobody asked during all their talking with the elder of the Exilarchy about the Void and the different Moon deities, what purpose pulling the Moon down would accomplish. I get that they’re trying to pull it down and I’m sure it’ll get explained soon in my future listening, but I just wondered why nobody thought to ask if since they originated from the Moon themselves, a) how they found themselves to be on the Natural World (Earth) and b) if they knew why anyone would want to either destroy or bring down the moon. Also due to being from the Moon if they knew of the Spider Monkey Lizard creatures and why they may be on Earth and if there were any other creatures from the Moon that may pose a threat and if there were any bits of wisdom they could give about fighting Mooninites.

  6. XantharTheFlame on

    Hi Damascus,

    I am just listening to this podcast for the first time myself, and just completed this episode today. I had many of the same questions, and wondered why they didn’t get more info from the Exhilarchy while they had the chance too. Really enjoying this guys!

    Don’t know if you are still monitoring these posts, Matthew or Steven, but if you are, none of the pictures for these episodes are available anymore (I’m using IE7). Do you know why?


      • Yes, that day has been seared into our brains. I knew that work had been lost around that date too, but it was more recently when I went back to try to find the pictures for the old Halloween Costume contests that I realized that most of the old pictures had been lost. Not a huge deal or anything, it couldn’t be helped either way, I’m just making my way through the backlog of all the podcasts and I hear about these great Atomic Robo and Robin costumes and Dan Hunter as the Terminator and I go looking for them and oops nothing there. I’ll just have to wait for this years to see what the talented Spoilerites come up with.

    • Don’t know if you are still monitoring these posts, Matthew or Steven, but if you are, none of the pictures for these episodes are available anymore (I’m using IE7). Do you know why?

      We do. It’s a bit of a sore spot for Stephen, actually, but there were some hardware issues this spring, and thus some missing images… We are aware of ’em and appreciate that you miss ’em, and then we’re cha-cha-ing.

      • XantharTheFlame on

        Matthew & Stephen,

        Thanks both for your responses. Sorry for hitting a sore spot! I’ve only recently found you guys and your podcasts, so was not aware of the history. I’ve lost a lot of personal photos and videos myself due to a hard drive crash, and my backup CD’s were not to be found! So I know what that’s like.

        Keep up the good work — This is an awesome series. I was a hardcore AD&D player (2nd ed.) about 25 years ago, and have been missing it. Can’t wait for my boys to get old enough for me to get them into it again!


  7. Twitter summary:

    #CriticalHit #Ep10 (1) Sky-on-Fire o’clock. Arrival in skeleton towns. Mine exploration skill challenge. Torqueltones formed.

    #CriticalHit #Ep10 (2) Pods are cast. City of lunar robots agrees to help refugees. Arquebus gives tribkets.

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