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  1. I knew Smallville was moving to Fridays. They are moving Supernatural to the 8 pm slot on Thursdays and using to lead into The Vampire Diaries. At least, that’s the last news I heard.

    Friday didn’t prove good for The Sarah Connor Chronicles and I’m sure didn’t help Dollhouse either. But this is the 9th season of Smallville. If it has any loyal fans they will follow it.

    Although longcoats make sense as a costume, it’s so overdone. Why doesn’t Clark get creative and wear a stylish smoking jacket with a large sombrero?

    • Really? Because everywhere i go i see Supernatural in the 9 o’clock slot still. I thought there was an issue with showing the “disturbing images” so early in the night.

  2. Who is this Bruce Wayne character???

    Is he that guy who tries to be as good of a businessman as Tony Stark?

    lmao Sorry, glitch. Had to take the cheap shot. lol

    • lifeisaglitch life on

      Of course you had to take the “cheap shot” and a very Stark-like thing it must have felt like doing. :P

      Now the more expensive retorts are for the more accomplished businessman, you know men like Wayne..well i guess you didnt know, question marks and all.


      • lol

        Well played. :-)

        And I have wanted to see Bruce make an appearance on Smallville ever since Clark went to Metropolis. I don’t think it will happen but it should.

        The moral dynamic between Clark and Bruce, as well as the business dynamic between Bruce and Oliver, would be a great thing to watch unfold from its infancy.

        I often feel they used Oliver Queen as Smallville’s Bruce Wayne. I guess maybe the rights to the character was easier to work out. But they have missed out by not having Bruce.

  3. That dark-haired, blue-eyed, broad-shouldered sword lady looks like a soldier @:53 but she put Tom Welling in super-mode on his butt with a kick to the chest too. Is she a super or just lucky? Oh, and she’s wearing those wrist-bracer thing-a-ma-bobs and that large, pointy uncomfortable-looking belt. But that does look like a katana in her hands. Are you pondering what I’m pondering? Hmmm…

  4. Wait–is the overcoat/t-shirt combo the uniform? I was looking for something less garage-made.

    As for Bruce Wayne, the show already HAS this character — his name is Tom Welling, and he is the most brooding, angsty Clark Kent I have ever seen….

  5. Smallville is so unrealistic.

    I know people can fly and have super-hearing. Of course there are people living in a prison-dimension.

    But when was the last time you saw a full-sized phone booth?

  6. green arrow is batman in smallville as if the people who own the rights to batman would allow him to be a side roel on any show

  7. The shows seems to be ending a great way. As far as it being put on friday. It is the kiss of death, but the show is ending, and people will stay loyal and watch it, and if they go out on fridays, they will dvr and tivo it.

    As far as Batman…………smallville does its own thing, but at least in the last episode. even maybe the last scene of the episode have someone ply Bruce wayne and have a moment between him and clark, and end the show like that .

  8. Hey just a thought that could be interesting. What if at the end of the series, Clark has finally taken the mantle of Superman. Lex has returned as a humanitarian with diabolical purpose. Superman shows up and says he will expose him and Lex admits that he just wants his powers and has no interest in exposing who Superman is. Later Clark meets Green Arrow and a few others of the Justice League. Green Arrow asks Clark to find this new vigilante in Gotham. Clark asks how he will know what he looks like. Oliver then says you’ll know. Then Clark flies off and does that leave earth and then come back thing…like in the movies :O haha. Just something that popped in my head.

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