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Coming this December from Moonstone, a mini-series that pits the Phantom against The Hammer, a group of ex-KGB agents intent on restoring the USSR to its place as a world super-power. Each of the six issues will feature a chapter from the Phantom’s tale, as well as stand-alone stories spotlighting characters you’ve come to know and love from Moonstone Books.

In the main feature, The Phantom uncovers The Hammer’s plot to destroy the United States in retaliation for the downfall of their former empire. The Ghost Who Walks, trailing what he believes to be an ordinary arms dealer, finds himself embroiled in a nuclear weapon purchase. If The Hammer succeeds in detonating the device, the entire US eastern seaboard will pay the ultimate price. It’s up to The Phantom to see that they don’t.

In the second feature, issue one spotlights the debut of Moonstone’s newest pulp hero, straight from the mind of Phantom writer Mike Bullock: Death Angel! Armed with sonic and tachyon emitters, DA creates a hypnotic state in the mind of those feeling the Angel’s judgment. This time, it’s members of The Hammer, trying to coerce a defense contractor to give up state secrets they can use to further cripple America. But, they certainly didn’t count on the Angel of Death!

Issues two through six will bring related stories featuring Kolchak, Captain Action, Buckaroo Banzai, The Spider and fan favorite femme fatale Domino Lady.

Santa won’t be the only red man coming for Christmas, The Hammer is falling, don’t miss out!

24pgs, $2.99

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