After discovering that a child’s laughter is much more powerful than a scream at the end of the Disney/Pixar 2001 film, Monsters Inc. has changed dramatically under the leadership of its new CEO, James P. Sullivan (also known as Sulley). The factories slogan has changed from “We Scare Because We Care” to “Going the Extra Mile to Make Them Smile”.  “Scarers” are now “Amusers” and Sulley’s former partner, Mike Wazowski is at the top of the game.

MonstersInc_01_COVER.jpgMike is enjoying his new found fame along with his relationship with girlfriend, Celia. Some of his fellow coworkers however are a bit bitter about Mike’s position as top Amuser and claim they would be equally as funny if their comedy props and accessories haven’t gone missing.

The responsibilities of being a CEO is proving to be an exhausting task for Sulley, who finds himself knee deep in paper work, and his busy schedule has prevented him from paying a visit to Boo, who he hasn’t seen in a month. Wanting to cheer up his over worked and over stressed friend, Mike cancels plans with Celia and brings Boo to the factory for a surprise visit. Wanted posters featuring Randall are plastered along the walls as Mike leads Boo to the locker room, disguised in the monster costume they made for her in the first film. Sulley meets them for a reunion but his feelings of excitement fade away when he realizes how dangerous it is to have Boo at the factory. Although Mike and Sulley are aware that she isn’t dangerous, not everyone shares that opinion. Not wanting to risk another scandal associated with the company, Sulley asks Mike to take Boo home. While the two are arguing, Boo discovers the missing comedy props in Mike’s locker. Sulley becomes suspicious and the two get into a heated argument before Mike takes a devastated Boo back to her room.

Not knowing where else to turn, Sulley places a phone call to Roz who is head of the Crime Detection Agency (formerly known as the Child Detection Agency). He tells Roz about the stolen props in Mike’s locker but before he has a chance to elaborate, she says she will handle the situation and hangs up.  Soon Mike is arrested and Sulley is congratulated by his employees for turning him in. Sulley however is not pleased and tries explaining to Roz that this was not what he wanted. He makes his way to security to review the surveillance tapes, Celia shouting at him along the way to the office.  Upon observation Sulley notices a translucent form by Mike’s locker and just as he is about to piece it all together, Waxford (head of security) is attacked. Randall reveals himself and announces that he was the one who framed Wazowski and he plans on framing Sulley next with the attack on Waxford.

Sulley lunges at him, but Randall turns invisible and knocks Sulley out of the room. Suspecting that he will try to escape, Sulley races to the Amusers Floor and smashes a keypad to an open door way. Randall is taunting him as all eyes are on Sulley and his odd behavior. Quickly he triggers the sprinkler system and Randall is revealed. Sulley grabs him and prompts Celia to call Roz. After the truth comes out, Mike is set free and the company throws a welcome back party. Sulley and Mike make up and the issue ends with the pair paying an overdue visit to their favorite little girl.

Although a bit predictable, I truly feel this is something fans of the original movie will enjoy. It’s a good plot line that’s funny, charming and the art really captures the tone of the film. It’s interesting to see the roles of Mike and Sulley reversed. No longer in Sulley’s shadow, Mike finds himself the center of attention and admiration and it is now Sulley who is being blocked out by the companies logo in advertisements. The career change has had an affect on their friendship and it makes for a satisfying story.

I give Monster Inc. #1, 4 out of 5 Stars.



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