Atari sent Major Spoilers another video from Champions online, showcasing the character creation process and some of the abilities and powers in the game.

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  1. It sure has my attention. Looks like a lot of fun.

    Just being able to fly without having to play multiple levels first would be worth it. The 5 mph fly speed of the other major online hero game killed me.

  2. I’ve been playing the beta, lemme tell you, it’s absolutely amazing, the second instance i did, i got to pick how to fly and a much deserved change from WoWaddicts.

  3. I have been playing beta. There is so much I love, like the fast paced fighting and the amout of powers/travel powers. But the design and the grapics leave a lot to be desired. The world isn’t as open as I would like it to be either. I can’t just decide to go where ever I want. I have to finish everything in the desert first and then I get to go elsewhere. I have only be playing a week and the game isn’t even released yet so hopefully it will continue to grow. It really has so much potential.

  4. I am enjoying it so much that I bought the $200 lifetime subscription. You can even web swing like Spidey in it! Teleportation is a godsend in PVP and you get 2 travel powers by L35. Might try the ice flight next, it looks like Iceman’s slide complete with aftertrail. You can fly on a disc (ala Robotech Masters and Static Shock), on a chunk of Earth (Terra), on ice (Iceman), covered in flames (Human Torch), via web slinging, normal flight (Superman), and via jetboots (Iron Man). You can tunnel, superjump like Hulk, or do a rocket boot jump. Acrobatics for the martial artists as well. Teleportation is amazingly well done, as you phase and move super fast to where you wish to appear in a few seconds.

    They are still playing with XP gains, and the respec feature is expensive and limited in how far back you can go, but that will be resolved by next week. The ability to switch roles on the fly does away with a class based system. You can mix and match powers easily between the sets, and increase stats every few levels and via gear. I am not talking WoW gear, but items you can slot to change stats and grant abilities. And you can change how your powers appear via drops and player made items. Dual swords can be turned into axes easily. Well done so far by Cryptic.

    Sadly, I can’t find all of the options I want in the costume designer, but they are adding all the time. Just need hiking boots and a flight bomber jacket for my preferred set. :) Even has chains on some powers; hoping I can make them appear to be whips and create Indiana Jones. :)

  5. I am up for a Legion guild. :) Working on an Indiana Jones character now. Build by championBuilder 0.2.2

    Not Indiana Jones: Level 40 Champion

    Level 5:Super Strength
    Level 13:Super Constitution

    Level 1:Clobber
    Level 1:Beatdown
    Level 5:Lash
    Level 5:Acrobatics
    Level 8:Regeneration
    Level 11:Holdout Pistol
    Level 14:Iron Cyclone
    Level 17:Resurgence
    Level 20:Roomsweeper
    Level 23:Defensive Combo
    Level 26:Retaliation
    Level 29:Sneak
    Level 32:Thunderbolt Lunge
    Level 35:Beatdown
    Level 35:Teleport
    Level 38:Haymaker

    Level 1:Superhuman
    Level 6:Field Ops Training
    Level 9:Survival Training
    Level 12:Paramilitary Training
    Level 15:Martial Training
    Level 18:Lasting Impression
    Level 21:Jack Of All Trades

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