This issue: A attack on the party’s camp, catches them by surprise. Many get hurt, and some might even die, in the latest installment of Critical Hit!

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  1. That was great! I loved how the lycan was basically Jesus in Robot Chicken, all he ever did was stand up after getting killed.

  2. Great podcast, I’m really enjoying the adventure and I’m really looking forward to the next episode.
    Just a few rule clarifications/advisements if you hadn’t discovered them already (and bearing in mind the over-riding rule 1.0: The DM is always right):
    – You can’t actually regenerate if you have 0 or less HP (PHB Page 293).
    – As a fighter, once Torq attacks someone, they’re marked and he gets to attack them if they try to shift while adjacent to him (PHB Page 76).
    – You don’t have to fail 3 consecutive death saving throws to die, just 3 before you get to take a rest (PHB Page 295).

  3. good catches Greywolf, in subsequent sessions we get better about Torq’s marking. But in this session it didn’t matter too much since he tended to roll 3000 points of damage with every attack.

  4. Just wanted to drop in here and let you all know I really enjoy the podcast. I had no idea someone was out there putting a live D&D session on and I really hope you continue to make these in the future. Do you all have any set time when you record?

  5. Aaron Crampton on

    I just found your podcast so i am roughly 3 years behind but really enjoying it. I have not played D &D as of yet so it is fun to hear orem learn. Might have to convince my friends to start playing again after finding this podcast

  6. Like Aaron, I have just started listning and it’s great. Have been learning about D&D by watching live session with Chris Perkins ón youtube so this is a great continuum of that. I brought the core book, so I Can follow the game better and maybe get My friends interested in The game too.

  7. Twitter summary: #CriticalHit #Ep9 Halfling uncertainty principle. Arm foreshadowing. Orem’s urchin shield. Torq’s Lullaby. Battle with Lvl 3 Melty Ninjers.

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