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  1. Hmmm. Looks like this season will be considerably more acid-trippy than the previous ones.

    Doesn’t have a major laugh-out-loud moment like the last season’s trailer had with The Nozzle and the OSI theme song. But it does have me intrigued.

  2. I’ve never had any interest in Venture Bros. because it has effectively killed all chances I’d have of enjoying a legit Jonny Quest revival; thanks to VB, that series – possibly America’s first action-animation show – is now nothing but a laughingstock. All I need to see is the preview pic on the viewer of a strung-out Jonny and I know it’s more of the same old shit.

  3. There will never be a true legit Jonny Quest revival, imo.

    The Bigwig Producers dont seem to get that Jonny Quest was not about the kids running around with computer VR or falling in love with friends, or trying to imply homoerotic relationships or merchandise tie-ins. It was an adventure series, end of story. If they tried it today it would be a crossbetween Dawson’s Creek and Alias.

    Sorry, I just picked up the original series on DVD and watch the real Jonny Quest.

    That said, The Venture Bros. is great! It spoofs the whole genre, including super heroes. It (and Robot Chicken) are the only decent things that Adult Swim manages to put out.

  4. George McBain on

    Glad to see The Sovereign/David Bowie will get some screen time again!

    Also love 21’s comments about podcasting, heh.

  5. Although to be fair, Johnny Quest does show up several times as a junkie, so it’s not too inaccurate an assumption.

    And I wouldn’t say the show turns Johnny Quest into a laughingstock – sure, it parodies a lot of aspects of it, and it’s a comedy, but it also delivers tons of actual action and has well-developed characters. If anything, it holds Dr. Venture up as a failure next to his father, who is the true stand-in for Dr. Quest.

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