For those who didn’t get their issue of Batgirl #1 yesterday (some of us live in the middle of nowhere, and won’t get it until today at the earliest), the mystery girl behind the mask was revealed.

Take the jump to see for yourself, and then shout out your rage, support, or indifference.

Is Stephanie better as the Spoiler?  She didn’t last too long as Robin, and my guess is she won’t be long for the Batgirl role either.

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  1. Big Money B.G. on

    Yes, because she did SO WELL as Robin. *Sigh* Was her name The Spoiler because she Spoils other people’s masked identities?

  2. I didn’t like the reveal, it was too forced and just there so people wouldn’t be annoyed by having to wait for the mystery to be revealed. First day on the job she just removes the mask and stands around in a public place for no reason?

  3. I like it. I haven’t read the issue (yet), but I like Stephanie and I like putting her in the Batgirl costume. She was, at least in my opinion, the best of the potential candidates.

  4. Picked it up, not sure if I will bother with another issue.

    I would have rather a new Batgirl been introduced. Hell, reintroduce Betty Kane, or even Bette’ Kane, as Batgirl. With Flamebird being used, it would be a nice twist. And since she has been established as Kathy Kane’s neice (full circle) it would make more sense, imo.

    And for Kracklin Kirby’s sake, change the freakin costume! The full face mask worked for Cassandra (who I prefer) but I don’t care for it on any other Bat, Stephanie or not.

  5. I would have preferred anyone but Steph (and Bibbo).

    Barbara, Cassie, Charlie (misfit), Bettie, Zinda, Helena … heck … even Wendy (they could have worked out the crippled legs angle). Steph is probably the most useless character in the bat family. She couldn’t cut it as a Robin or Spoiler so they make her Batgirl? Do they consider that a demotion or something? Cassie worked so hard to make Batgirl bad ass only to have steph mess it up.

    So not reading this.

  6. I don’t think it will last. Something is going to happen… either I drop the book or spoiler is gone… I’m sure one of the two will happen.

  7. lifeisaglitch l on

    O_O IM FLABBERGASTED..K Enough with the sarcasm, it CAN become a good book but just like with the Red Robin and new Batman “reveals” her identity was obvious all along.
    Which just means it got to start off very anticlimactically.

  8. I’m also of the “it won’t last” opinion, but maybe that’s just my optimism…. I was hoping for Misfit to get a make-over, under the tutelage of the original recipe Batgirl (Barbara G.). I dunno if I “hate” this choice, but it’s not the one I would have liked. :)

  9. I thought about starting on this series, of course in TPB format, but I did not like Stephanie during the big gang war in the bat series. She is a whinny character. They could have just had Cassandra in some way or someone else. Someone brand new would have been better. So DC wont get my love of this series, and I think they have made a mistake on this. It wont last long.

  10. I don’t have a lot of investment in this, but I just read the issue and thought it was okay. She’s been kind of a screw-up, but if Barbara becomes her mentor, it could be a fun book.

  11. I just hated Cassandra’s reasoning for quitting. ‘Oh, well Batman’s dead so like there’s no point anymore um I’ll just go away now’.
    I really hope that this is only temporary, but I can’t see that happening… make a big deal about the new Batgirl and then have her quit a few issues later? Or is this supposed to be a Barbara’s Angels style book? They have not specified…

    Anyway, I was all for either it being Misfit (if they had to switch Cass out, but bloody hell can’t we get at least ONE minority Bat-hero — and I’m not counting Damian cos he’s an evil little shit), or a team of Batgirls (Cass, Misfit, Steph) with Babs at the helm.

    • Now I could go for Barbara’s Bat Angels. Have a little team dynamics, cause I just have not seen the evidince that Cassie can headline a book. And they are going to throw in the tired college routine as well?

      Nope, sorry. Call when when Alfred becomes Bosely or the Black Lanterns take Cassie back. They are trying to RECLAIM all the resurrected, aren’t they?

  12. I hate Stephanie Brown kill her again. I was so happy when she died the last time. She does nothing for the Batbooks and only really looks good as freekin filler in a group shot. I want my $3 back I feel riped off with this trash. I’ll be downloading this just to see the carcrash that it becomes. And I can’t help but feel like they killed Birds of Prey for this. I’m calling BullSh**

  13. I think it’s a good choice. I’m actually glad Cassandra is Batgirl no more.

    Ok… Stephanie is HOT. In all it’s honesty, and without trying to sound like Joel Schumacher, being sexy is something that goes hand in hand with wearing skintight costumes, and no matter how ‘interesting’the story of that Asian emo Ninja is, Stephanie looks hotter. She’s a better Batgirl. Case closed.

  14. Ummm, am i too late to add my 3 pennies? Anyway, i like Stephanie as Batgirl. I like Steph from the moment i saw her first time…she was giving black eye to Tim Drake…with freakin’ brick LOL It was hilarious to me: Batman’s junior partner – famous Robin got beaten by teenage girl in homemade costume. Years later it suddenly hit me: i like Spoiler so much because shes basically female version of Dick Grayson. Smart, spunky, funny, lighthearted and carefree. In dark and gritty world of Batman these two are kindred spirits. They are not hyper-geniuses, best fighters/detectives/goddamn Batmen anything. But i love the fact that Dick can visit woman he rescued earlier with pizza and drinks just to check if shes o.k. Or that Steph can chatter all night into Batman’s communicator, and hes enjoying that instead of silencing her immidiately. And i love one more thing: they both have been told to stop being heroes because its too dangerous, they are too reckless, they cant cut it yadayadayada. By freaking goddamn Batman himself…And both of them refused to back off and abandon good fight :-P Its not about powers or abilities – its about peoples, and what they have in hearts. Howgh!

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