The Hollywood Reporter is circulating news that BrYan Singer has been tapped by Universal Pictures to produce and direct the big screen adaptation of Battlestar Galactica.  Thanks to a power outage, and a two-year-old who fills up the TiVo with crap children’s programming, I’ve not had a chance to watch the final four episodes of the series, so I have no idea if Singer jumping on board for a movie franchise is a good idea or not.

There is no script for the new “Galactica,” though insiders have said the feature is to be a complete reimaginging and will stand separately.

If it does stand separately, it’s going to be a really strange movie, as I doubt audiences will be interested in yet another interpretation of the Galactica series, especially when the large fan base has a huge love-on for the just wrapped series. Since it is Friday, what say you Major Spoilerites?  Do you have any interest in seeing a movie redux of Galactica Returns?

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  1. I am embarrassed to say I have not seen any of the last BSG series. I was told I needed to watch it from episode 1 to get it all so I am waiting until I can afford to do so.

    But I heard it was one of the best sci-fi series ever. I also trust Bryan Singer’s vision and ability.

    So, yes, I would be very excited to see his BSG on the big-screen.

    Meanwhile, get your 2-year-old to watch BSG with you and you can skip the kid’s stuff. ;-)

  2. I think Singer is a good enough director to find a way to make a movie fit into this latest series. Although I have no idea where he could go with it, but I am sure he can find some place in the middle or maybe a prequel. I am sure he is smarter than me and will be able to make something work.

    I really enjoyed BSG so I would be interested in seeing a movie as long as it wasn’t the same story I saw on TV.

  3. There is no script for the new “Galactica,” though insiders have said the feature is to be a complete reimaginging and will stand separately.


    Okay, so is this to be a re-imagining of the original or a re-imagining of the re-imagining?

    I never got to watch the last two seasons. Last episode I saw was the season finale with the big reveal of all but the last Cylon and the return of Starbuck. Now that the complete series is out, I can finally go get it and just have a LONG marathon over a couple of weekends.

  4. I highly appreciate Singer and his films, but I heard he had plans for a new BSG as early as 2000 (it got canned because of 9/11 if I heard correctly). So it would have been an independent re-imagining, and I belive it is too soon for that.

  5. It should be in a time of the first cylon war… when they create and launch the 12 battlestars, and the sign of the armistice.. that would be a rocking movie!!

  6. Will BSG be our Gundam? Meaning many different interpretations of a common story. It would actually be kind of interesting to me if we were more okay with this sort of thing. Imagine what a different writer/director could do with the basics of something like Star Wars (which boils down to farm boy leans he is son of big bad, redemption arc, etc.)

  7. My understanding is that Glen Larson, BSGs original creator, still holds the film rights to the property, the Singer version would stem from those rights and be unrelated to the recent SciFi/SyFy series (which completely fell apart for me once the ‘Final Five’ subplot was introduced, and from which it never recovered).

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