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One of our keen Major Spoilers readers, noticed a bit of a spoiler on the Diamond Comic Distributors website yesterday that has Nekron as the big bad of Blackest Night.  Of course, as of this morning, when I finally got my fat ass around to snag the image to post with this article, Diamond had changed the image out, with the one pictured above.

Is the Nekron reveal a big surprise?  I know more than one website has been guesstimating that Nekron would be a part of the series.

Unfortunately, there was to be a whole IGN exclusive interview talking about the whole thing hitting the Intardwebz, but that’s ruined.  Ah, the life of trying to nab and Intardwebz exclusive.


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  1. For a moment there, I was sure that Image uniting was the source of Blackest Night.

    After all, I think that in order to be truly Russelled, the spoiler has to come before the jump. But, I like what you did there: Trying to distract us by putting the Nekron stuff up as a red herring.

  2. I saw that original image on another website. It is a new version, but it is supposed to be Necron. With Blue Devil and Zatanna (I belive both those characters have a history with Necron, as do the Green Lanterns) it makes sense.

    BTW – Love the Gravatar intergration!

  3. At first I was thinking, “Wait… Blackest Night is a DC/Image crossover event? margldypeg… I can’t afford to add more to my pull list right now…”

    But then the true spoiler came up, and it’s still looking to be a pretty awesome arc.

  4. Ugh. Perfectly predictable from the jump and apropos for this steaming pile of fanfic garbage. This is easily the worst thing to come out of comics since the Clone Saga mess over at Marvel. But man, put Geoff Johns on the marquee, put pretty pictures in between the covers, and the masses throw out better judgment on a shelf in favor of falling all over themselves in a grand circle jerk of hysterical applause and praise. I guarantee that if Judd Winnick was the writer this series wouldn’t be getting NEARLY the same praise and all of the plot holes would be reamed wide (such as how come the Spectre, who’s like 2nd in command to God Himself, is susceptible to the Black Lantern call?) and this series would be put on hold until DiDio could find a new writer.

    It’s astounding not only how bad this series is, but just how many people are eating it up. It’s a blight on the history of the Green Lantern Corps.

  5. Is that Sara as the Witchblade for a comic coming out in November? Does that previews cover ruin the ending for War of the Witchblades?

  6. alguien ha notado que, los que salen en la portada, son los que han regresado de una u otra forma de la muerte……
    Ice Murio y Revivio, Hal, Barry, Conner, superman, Bart, Wonder woman y Green Arrow de una u otra forma han sido fiambres….

    anotenla hay….

  7. @Mulder: Yes me noticied that all those in the cover have comed back from the dead in some form, Willian Hand talks about them in Green Lantern 43. They’ll probably be main targets of the BL Corpse, the BL League has already targeted Barry and Hal.

    P.S.- Try to post in English, it’s an English forum.

  8. Oh dear, I’m also programed with French and Italian, my Italian is very rusty thou.
    *Ricco devuelve el saludo a Mulder*

  9. @Martin: I appreciate that, I was just glancing it over and thought Dolphin. But even with it being Ice, she still looks out of place compared to the rest of the “I came back from the dead” crew. I guess they were just trying to throw another woman into the mix and there just werent many to choose from because they are all stuffed in fridges.

  10. Ice is there because she was recently returned from the dead in an issue of Birds of Prey, Spy Smasher ran the team at the time, also she is back with her on again off again boyfriend Guy Gardner which is very much part of Blackest Night since he’s a Green Lantern.

  11. Also, I think all those heroes there are Leaguers who’ve all died & been revived at different points.

    I have no idea who Nekron is, so this is just a bit confusing to me.

  12. I am SO GLAD it did not turn out to be the Vampire Monitor, and semi-glad we’re not going to get Zombie Anti-Monitor in charge of everything… :) This Nekron guy is “new” to me, and after reading his Wiki, seems to fit PERFECTLY with the rest of “Blackest Night”. I especially like how Johns is digging through the old bits of Lantern Lore and finding ways to tie them in. Kinda like what you-know-who did with Batman: RSVP, only in this case it seems less forced. I mean, retconning “Zur-En-Arr” into a bad drug trip was cool, but it took a bit of work to get behind. This stuff is all “established prophecy”, and so by virtue of that is granted a bit of wiggle room, IMHO. :)

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