The Great Ten arrives in November from DC


After their appearance in 52, the Great Ten have been scarce, showing up occasionally in Checkmate, but otherwise keeping their hero antics in their home country.  In November DC Comics will release a 10-issue mini-series putting the Great Ten in the spotlight.

Take the jump for the full, spectacular cover by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau and more info on the series.

(Click for 1107 x 1680 image)

(Click for 1107 x 1680 image)

At the dawn of the Chinese Century, the 10 official “super-functionaries” of the People’s Republic face their greatest challenge as the gods of Ancient China return to destroy communist rule. Will the most populous nation on Earth drag the rest of the world down with it? Do its heroes even want to save a government that treats them like pawns?

The series will be written by Tony Bedard with art by Scott McDaniel and covers by Stanley Lau.  The first issue arrives November 4, 2009.

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