Supergirl's been knocked out by plastic pieces of Kryptonite!  There's only one way to save her - ask your question about Cosplaying today!

Supergirl's been knocked out by plastic pieces of Kryptonite! There's only one way to save her - ask your question about Cosplaying today!

Everyone seems to be taken by the latest addition to the Major Spoilers family and her interest in Cosplay.  She’s already offered some suggestions for would be cosplayers, and talked about some of her experiences, but now she wants to hear from you! The Cosplay girl wants to answer your questions about cosplay – anything goes, as long as it is on topic.

For those of you who are thinking of entering the Third Annual Major Spoilers Costume Content, now might be a good time to use the comment section below to ask your questions. Then over the weekend, we’ll round up the best ones and let Victoria have a go at answering your questions.


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  1. John Morales AKA Uglyhooker on

    Wow..I think I might be in love.

    To my question. How is the best way to ask you’re partner to try this with you?? I’m going make my own Blue Lantern costume for Halloween, what’s the best way to get her involved??

  2. Hi, Victoria. I’ve never made any attempt at cosplay so I know nothing more than what I have seen from your page.

    First of all, it looks like fun and you obviously enjoy it. And you look great in all of your costumes. It is easy to tell you put effort into your looks.

    So this brings my first question.

    Let’s say I want to portray my favorite hero, Captain America (Steve, not Bucky). His costume isn’t just spandex like, say, Spider-Man.

    We have a chain mail shirt incorporated into the uniform, fold-over boots, finned gloves, the shield of course, and the perfect human physique beneath all of that. It isn’t enough to merely suggest such a look, imo. One would want the suit to show the weight of the mail while at the same time displaying the muscles beneath in a way that doesn’t look hokey.

    So what sort of thing would go into the actual costume design? Are there commercial pieces one can (and should) buy or could someone like yourself design the right look at home?

    My second question is concerning comic book females.

    With few exceptions, comic book females are lean, athletic, shapely, beautiful, capable, and confident. Like the males, they are usually the epitome of what we imagine heroes to be.

    That being said, do you find it redundant to portray the same type of women and, if so, do you look for women with something different about them? Is your interest in achieving the character’s look or are you drawn to certain personalities, as portrayed in the comic?

    In convention photos I see a lot of females portraying Black Cat or Emma Frost or one of the more provocative females. However, I don’t really see anyone portraying Kitty Pryde, for example, even though she is brilliant and capable.

    I was wondering if that is because the costume itself is not interesting and iconic enough or if you, as a female, feel more interested in larger-than-life females in the same way I might prefer Captain America over, say, Cyclops.

    It is great that you are taking time to share your experiences and perspectives with us. And, most of all, Welcome to Major Spoilers!!!

  3. After misposting these on DA I am doing it right this time, I hope.

    1) Is there a cosplay you would love to do but is too daring or embarrassing?
    2) Has there been a moment when your cosplay has put you in danger? Like wild fans.
    3) Which cosplay do you do that feels the most natural? The one at is easiest for you to get into roll for.

  4. Victoria, you need to come answer your questions before this thread is bumped off the front page. … Still recovering from the kryptonite hangover?

  5. Yeah, that^… she’s at work right now anyways … I know she’ll love all the feedback you guys are giving. :)

  6. Where do you recommend getting boots? like Green Lantern style or something? I look at thrift store locations and the like and never find something that works.

  7. Okay thanks, Stephen and Brian. Just didn’t want her to one day find 92 questions to answer. I look forward to the responses.

    Maybe I’m too impatient. …. (Wow, it took way too long to write that.) ;-)

    Well, if I have that much time then I’ll throw in another question for Victoria that is somewhat related to Nick’s:

    How do you compare your level of enjoyment in making the costume versus wearing the costume versus role-playing the character?

    And, do you try to really get into character? If so, is that seem kinda hard or artificial? I mean, what would one do in a Supergirl costume at Comic Con? There’s not really anyone to save.

    So I’m interested in your mind set when you’re in costume. Thanks again for the future replies.

  8. Hi Victoria,

    I recently tried to put together a Black Lantern Kal-L costume but I’m having some issue. I bought a superman costume and all my attempts to dye it black have met with failure.
    I tried Black Rit dye but the only thing it did was make the blue a darker blue. I finally found what worked at all was a can of cloth spray paint but a single only did the chest and stomach (which needs to be retouched with more of the cloth spray paint) and it cost $5.

    Do you know of a cheap and easy way to die a costume Lantern Black?



  9. Crash, at the very least you’ll need to try and bleach that blue out to a lighter shade before going for the black. Would it be easier to just buy a black shirt and make the modifications?

    yeah, yeah, I know…I’m not Victoria.

  10. Victoria,

    I am interested in making costumes for myself and my kids (sadly, the wife is not interested). My mother-in-law is a former seamstress so I’m good there, but I’m having trouble tracking down actual patterns. I’m also interested in the best and easiest materials to work with. I’d sure welcome any suggestions!


  11. @Navarre: I didn’t forget, honey. I’ll be working on my answers this weekend & the article should be up next week. Sorry for the delay. Majorly busy!


  12. T’is all good, Victoria. From my frequency on the board I apparently have no life so I’m envious.

    I will be looking forward to your answers. And I hope you get a chance to breathe soon. All work and no cosplay makes Victoria a stressed-out girl.

  13. Those photos are criminal. lol

    If the cops ever find all those jewels this will be incriminating evidence, you know.

    As always, absolutely superb pictures. The best part is that it’s easy to see how much fun you have with this hobby. It’s great to enjoy something so much.

    You should post a new thread here on the main board to let people know when you have something new on your site. I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t have this thread saved so I could keep tabs on it. After all, you’re a part of the team here and you deserve the attention.

    Are you a member of the forum section of Major Spoilers? Why not start a thread over there on cosplay? That way you wouldn’t have to tackle a bunch of accumulated questions all at once but instead only drop a reply in once in a while.

    Thanks for the new pics, Victoria. Makes me look forward to the cosplay discussion all the more.

      • Sure. I was only suggesting that maybe a thread in the forum could be fun as well. The forum needs more traffic and, although I am trying to post a lot to keep it active, I am sure people would rather read Victoria’s posts than mine.

        I am certain you have everything working as you wish. If I implied otherwise, I apologize.

        I enjoy this site and only wish for it to grow and improve every day. Your hard work in that regard is evident. Thanks.

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