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  1. I love it. I had mistakenly thought that the hero histories were a thing of the past.

    Uh oh, why is it raining here in my office?

  2. There are a bunch of words under the strip. One of them is Major Spoilers Adventures. Get with the clicky-clicky and you’ll have your answer Brain. Also, there are several pre-Major Spoilers Adventures strips in the Major Spoilers Forum.

  3. Future contest
    1. Have The great & wonderful Matthew Peterson do a HeroHistory of a faithful spoilerite.
    2. Rodrigo will create and play a D&D Character based upon you.
    3. 4 day all expense paid trip & stay at Stately Spoiler Manor
    4. Guest host able to do news reviews & POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL on the podcast.
    5. Be immortalized in an Otterstrip.

  4. Great job by the way. If you can only do something to Blok in a strip, I will be able to give it 5 stars instead of the usual 4 1/2.

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