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  1. Gonna pass.

    Not because of all the bad publicity or the questionable casting choices or the bizarre costume changes, but because….

    Okay, not gonna lie, not even Ray Parks as Snake-Eyes or Eccelston as Destro makes me brave enough to go see this. I’ll admit it, I love the cartoon, toys and comics I grew up with. I’ll re-watch Warren Elli’s great little web animated G.I. Joe series and think about what might have been.

  2. If only it WAS G.I. Joe, for what I’ve seen it’s Team America with slightly better special effects and a couple of references to the Sigma Six anime instead of the original cartoon. PASS!

  3. it’s not because i think they f***ed G.I.Joe, i just think this look like a bad movie. i will see it, but i’m not gonna pay 15$ for it.

  4. It seems most of the people I know who aren’t comic fans are looking forward to the fun of seeing it. Part of the interest seems to be that they find the actors physically appealing.

    Meanwhile, fans of the comic are passing it by on one principle or another.

    Somewhere, The Catwoman Fan League is saying “I told you so.”

  5. I am a comic fan, but I have never followed the GI Joe comics or the animated series. I saw the movie last night at a midnight showing. I loved it, and I am not an action movie fan. The writing was not the best and did not gel and flow until the desert scene. After that the movie got much better, the writing better, and the acting was better. I did not have high expectations for the movie going in. The flashbacks were good and told enough to inform about back grounds. I wish they had let Marlon Wayans ad lib more for more comedy. All the purists can hate it, but love that piece of Star Trek crap that was out earlier this year. I will look forward for the second installment.

  6. I saw it last night at midnight and enjoyed it. There were some changes that I did not agree with but it was still an overall good movie. This movie was mainly setting us up for the next one. I thought the flashbacks were handled well.

    YO JOE. oh and knowing is half the battle…

  7. I’m intending to see it this weekend.

    As I’ve stated before, those of you “purists” who aren’t seeing it because it isn’t just exactly like the cartoon ought to be thankful that it’s not exactly like the cartoon and, as great as Larry Hama’s work might’ve been, there are a lot of bits of the comics that were just as dumb as the cartoon was.

    Larry Hama, who everyone is (rightfully) quick to praise, collaborated on the development of this movie. His hands are in this pie. So, keep that in mind when you’re hating on it for not sticking closely enough to his vision.

    I’ve read the comic adaptation (something I’d wager most of the people here have not done) and found it to be a reasonable translation of the G.I.Joe universe, modernizing it and bringing into a more believable state of existence.

    If the actual movie itself is anywhere close to that, it should be a decent sci-fi action movie filled with characters that we’ve loved since we were kids. Just like Star Trek was.

    But, can we reserve judgment until after we’ve seen the movies themselves, instead of basing our opinions off of nothing more than a few quick glimspes from the previews? Seriously. It’s getting tiring.

  8. Alimayo Arango on

    I have been watching,reading the comics, and collecting the toys for more than 20 years. I saw the movie last night and like it a lot. The acting for Duke could have been better and some of the CGI effects looked a little lame but the story was fast paced and entertaining and even with the black costumes it just felt like GIJOE to me. You people are missing out if you don’t go to see this movie.

  9. I agree with Jacin that we should reserve judgement until viewing. I was joking about the Catwoman thing.

    I believe it is impossible to form a valid opinion on anything unless we have some reference for the experience. We must also be careful that our method of evaluation is not biased as well.

    For example, even if Uwe Boll has made nothing but crap movies, it is possible that he will create something brilliant. It may not seem likely based on past experience but I could also miss out if I never give the next film a chance.

    I guess I’m at least saying I’d rather take a chance with an open mind than know I was disappointed because of my refusal to try.

  10. Saw it and loved it for what it was a cool action movie (light on acting and plot development) that sufficiently tweaked all of my G.I. Joe nostalgia….

  11. Meh. I haven’t seen it and not looking to either. Once I saw the ad with the X-Clrator or whatever suits I was not on board. They should have gone with the formula Star Trek or Dark Knight followed. Acknowledge your past in the case of Star Trek but don’t linger. With the Dark Knight keep things just enough in reality but stretch where you need so things can get crazy. I would have been excited to saw a Joe movie where they hunt down shadow organization cobra not “I’m going to blow up the effiel tower” and now people in Iron Man costumes are coming to get me silliness.

  12. @ Navarre: Now, don’t get me wrong. I think Uwe Boll’s track record is such that you can pretty much make an accurate judgment call on his movies until you see a large group of people praising one.

    I just think that, in this case, we’ve got a bunch of people standing on one side saying, “I’m never going to see this! I can tell they’ve butchered my childhood just from the previews!” and a group on the other going, “You know, actually, I saw it and it was really pretty good and really did a good job capturing the spirit and fun of G.I.Joe.”

    When it comes to movie reviews, I’m always going to give a little more credence to the people who’ve actually seen it rather than the ones who refuse to because they don’t like something they saw a split-second flash of in a 30-second preview of a 120-minute movie.

  13. When it comes to spending 30+ dollars I’m very much a “judge a book by it’s cover” kind of movie guy. If I hear enough good reviews I might go see it, but at those prices I’ll probably wait for the dvd.

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