Neal Adams signs with ICM


You know you are a superstar comic book person when you get pro representation from a big Hollywood agency.  Or so says The Hollywood Reporter that reports Neal Adams and his Continuity Studios have signed with ICM.

The agency will work to take Adams’ creations across all forms of media as well as help him make the transition to feature film writing and directing. In that latter fashion, Adams would follow artists-turned-helmers such as John Cassaday, who directed an episode of Fox TV series “Dollhouse,” and Frank Miller, who helmed “Sin City” and “The Spirit.”

So what will Adams and Continuity Studios bring to the table in hopes of turning into a movie or television franchise?  There’s Knighthawk, a hero made up of cloned parts. Ditz the Scatterbrain, a teenager who can control people’s minds, Crazyman, who works for the government on dangerous missions, and of course Bucky O’Hare, that lovable green rabbit.  Oh, let’s not forget Ms. Mystic and Toyboy – who is in no way related to the Witchia, KS KWCH character that’s been around since the 1960’s.

via THR