Time to bring the smack down talk back to the Major Spoilers Experience.  This week the Robot Overlords demanded we pick two of DC’s greatest female heroes and have them battle it out in the ring in a no-holds-barred right of the century.  Sometimes we really hate our Robot Overlords, but it’s either pick two fictional characters or have our precious, precious, Intardwebz taken away for a week. So….


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If you are having trouble deciding, take the jump for what might happen.


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  1. In a real fight Diana would win hands down, she beat Superman in Infinite Crisis and all her weapons are magic which is deadly to Kriptonians, plus she WILL kill PG if she has to.

  2. From the video Power Girl dominates the fight. But, although she has an awesome standing side-suplex and apparently had no qualms about taking out a knee cap, I think Diana would be the clear winner in a bare knuckle brawl, even without her equipment. It wouldn’t be an easy victory but I say the smart money is on Wonder Woman.

  3. I’m a Power Girl fan from way back (Adventure Comics) and have to say that I prefer her as a character. So honestly I voted PG just for the love of the character.

    But if you break it own to serious power per power, you got a Kryptonian power house (she is back to being Kryptonian, isn’t she?) who has received training from the greats such as Wildcat and the other JSA members. On the otherside, you have an Amazonian who is not afraid to take a life, is skilled not only in the use of classic weapons but WON the right to be Wonder Woman in a fight against the best of the Amazonians and came out on top. Add to that the mystic strength, (Kryptonians are still susceptible to magic, aren’t they) and access to mystic weaponry.

    Sorry, the fan boy in me says Power Girl, but the numbers say Wonder Woman.

  4. brainypirate on

    Well, according to Black Canary, PG beats out WW for having the most important bosom in the States — which may be the most important consideration for many folks…. ;)

  5. Perhaps I misunderstood the nature of the poll then. ;-)

    However, I submit that gargantuan proportions are not the measure of victory in this regard. But, if my premise holds true, this may well eliminate nearly every female character in comics.

    (Kitty Pryde and Illyana Rasputin are worthy of our respect, I tell you.)

  6. Gee, I don’t know. I’ve had a thing for Wonder Woman ever since I first saw the TV show, but recently Power Girl has been up there because of the artwork. I mean, both would be a fantasy come true, but either one would be a damn good fantasy by itself….

    Wait. We’re talking about a fight and who would win? How embarrassing!! Fine, I pick Wonder Woman.
    Damn you Mr. Schleicher and your “not-very-clear-on-the-intent” poll. ;p

  7. lifeisaglitch on

    Powergirl is more powerful (All pun is intended….all of the bad puns are anyway) But against a magically empowered being of WW caliber they are if not completely evenly matched at least close….That means it comes down to skill and will. And though they are both heroes only one of them is a warrior. The amazon would win at least 9/10 times….And that ladies and gentlemen is Sc!ence.

    Also shame on you guys for all of the beauty pageant talk…due to morals and ethics and women’s rights and equality and…stuff. Not because that contest actually makes me.. hard…THINK hardER!

  8. i vote powergirl, simply because wonder woman will never stop being crappy and vaguely annoying with her sad star panties and dumb rope. if i ran around in star panties and my weapons were rope and bracelets, i wouldn’t always be all holier-than-thou to everyone. wonder woman would probably win, but who cares.

    she has no soul.

    because she’s made of clay.

    on another note, it’s sad how instantly this devolved into T&A jokes.

  9. Actually, I was trying to make a stand for Kitty and Illyana. They are two of the most determined and capable characters in comics, female or not.

    And I like them all the more as characters because they do not feel compelled to wear bikinis while they’re saving the world. They are not drawn like centerfolds yet I find them much more interesting characters than most of the females who get the two-page “I’m naked but I’m discretely obscured by [insert steam, fog, shadow, or object here]” spreads.

    I agree that a swimsuit and high-heels isn’t the best attire for crime-fighting, perhaps especially true if you’ve surpassed DDs in size. But that isn’t the character’s fault, only those who created her.

    Nonetheless, that has nothing to do with actual fighting prowess. And, in that regard, Wonder Woman will walk away with this one.

  10. PG simply because in a Brave and Bold she stopped Wonder Woman’s punch in one hand.
    Oh yeah, plus I like her better :-)

  11. Actually, the T&A jokes come right out of the most recent issue of Wonder Woman — like I said, those were Black Canary’s comments!

    I actually have no idea who would win in a fight between the two women. Why do I figure it would somehow be a draw?

  12. Navarre — I feel the same way about many of the LSH women — I don’t think any of Tinya Wazzo’s costumes ever required her to shave her legs. Most of the other women have had at least one modest costume during their various incarnations….

  13. LSH costumes have run the gammut from Saturn Girl & Night Girl’s bathing suits to the more modest attire of Phantom Girl and Shrinking Violet. Considering the male lineup has included Cosmic Boy’s black & metallic bustier I have found there to be diversity and equality in many aspects of the Legion, including how they dress. It is one of the reason I have always enjoyed the Legion.

    Incidentally, Shrinking Violet is my favorite DC female (behind Raven of the Titans). Although I have never thought about it until this thread, it is interesting that Magik, Kitty Pryde, Raven, and Shrinking Violet are my four favorite female characters (in that order). Maybe it’s because they all seem like they would be of some use to the team besides looking good on the hood of Whitesnake’s car.

    As far as the thread topic, the winner of any contest between characters depends on who’s writing the issue. But, based on their stats, I don’t see too many characters, male or female, defeating Wonder Woman. I don’t even care for her much but I have to give the character her due.

  14. As part of my “Superman has too much power” meme, I’ve long wanted the other JLA folks to have powers that were truly comparable to his — so I always like when Hawkman, M. Manhunter, Tornado and especially Wonder Woman are presented as being as strong as he is. (Even Aquaman could be in those ranks.) And it’s why I like when he’s paired with folks like GL, or Dibny, or Atom or Firestorm — or Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy — folks who have powers Supes could never have.

    I guess my conception of Superman is that he is, as we say in high school yearbooks, “best all around” without being strongest, fastest, smartest, etc.

    So I guess my preference in most any battle would be for the Kryptonian to lose. (Is Kara still Kryptonian?)

    • i officially call invalid poll!!! no one knows what kara’s powers are or what she is, what if she’s actually krypto in a costume! a skrull!! also made of clay!!

      Kara has Kryptonian powers, including super-speed, super-strength, super-hearing, super-breath, super-ventriloquism, super-hypnosis, and such invulnerability as to be able to open a can of creamed corn with her gluteal muscles. Also flight.

      I do believe that she had some sort of magical fooferfaw in the JLE some time ago…

  15. Can anyone with magically based abilities hurt a Kryptonian, even if the power itself is not a magical effect? For example, can Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel’s punch hurt Superman more than a non-magical punch from someone of equal strength?

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