Going to try an experiment this week and see where it leads us.  Today’s artist is Jennyson Allan Borlongan Rosero, with this pretty cool X-Men piece.  As the week progresses, I’m going to find an image in his favorites folder and use that for tomorrow’s installment. Then a favorite from that artist and so on until we reach some strange dead end or it circles back around.

Ah Deviant Art, you rascal.

just a fanart on my little free time. The colors are not what i am used to… too bright but wht the hell.

(Click for 1238 x 1712 image)

(Click for 1238 x 1712 image)

via Deviant Art


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  1. Maybe Scott will die and, as in the last X-Men movie, everyone will forget to mourn.

    Who’s flying the plane?

    How did Beast get up close and personal but Scott has to jump without a parachute?

    … I smell a conspiracy.

  2. Well, I don’t think it’s accurate to say Scott got his powers from the jump itself but, yep, it’s part of his origin story. Good point though.

    But if that was the angle, then he’d have a full-grown Alex Summers strapped to him during the fall…and then the whole thing would just become so wrong I couldn’t look.

  3. It’s alright, but I have to wonder how it would look without the colors. Would the inked pencils still hold up? Or the raw pencils for that matter?

  4. Who are those people with Emma Frost? (just kidding….. )
    Would depend on the original shading I s’pose Stacy. I think it looks crisp.

  5. The lines are clean, yes. But I don’t see much variation on line weight. The end result is a bit lacking in depth.

    And that person with Emma Frost is the exceptional and brilliant Kitty Pryde! Betta recognize! ;-)

  6. I’m not saying it is not a nice piece of work as a whole, but once you start to really get into it, there are some issues. Not to say that all art has some issues and it is a matter of eye of the beholder, but….

    Look at Emma’s face. Yes, she has one. Take away the color and you suddenly lose her nose and upper lip. Moving down, there is a line below her bustier that seems to denote a rib cage, but then there is the back of the ribcage defined in the turn lower down. Her hips are sitting too low on her body, making it look like she has a muffin top. The space around her crotch is so large there is this weird profile of her left inner butt cheek.

    There are more, but there is no point.

    As an example of computer coloring, it is great. The artist uses variations of color to define the depth and save the underlying work. But even then, I counted 10 uses of lens flare (if you count the Sentinels eyes.)

    Again, as overall eye-candy it is good. But a closer look shows some flaws.

    And since when did the X-Men start flying around in one of the Bat-Boats?

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