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  1. trying to redeem the series after letting it all go awry?

    I can’t honestly say I remember what happened at the end of the fourth volume I just got fed up with it.

  2. John Morales AKA uglyhooker on

    I didn’t watch the last season. I hope this show can some how come back & not be horrid. We’ll see.

    I do wanna say that Sylar is a really cool villain!!

    Is that guy narrating from Prison Break?? Looks familiar.

  3. Well, I for one, enjoy Heroes. Yeah they kind of let the wheels fall off a certain points, but it is
    about people with superpowers, and it is a lot better than a lot of what is on. It isn’t on par with LOST,
    but I like it as much as say Fringe. I hope it stays on a few more seasons. I’d rather have that than these ridiculous reality shows or other crap that is on. I wish fans of the genre would be careful what they wish for, and hopefully it stays on air… I’m willing to take a few bad episodes or a lackluster season, and have something of this sort on, rather than the alternative.

    This preview has me curious about the new season. I’m looking forward to it.

  4. I hate to say it… but lately Heroes has become a lot like Survivor for me. I remember all the hype earlier on, but it’s been fading into semi-obscurity, (at least from where I sit). I remember the day I found out that Survivior was still being made after I had thought it was cancelled 5 years prior. I’m sad that I can see that day coming for Heroes as well. :(

  5. I agree with OS Perry. Heroes is much better than Big Brother, Survivor, The Amazing Race, etc. I have enjoyed all the seasons so far. Some have been better than the others, but I have enjoyed them none the less.

    This trailer gets me a little excited to see some new characters, and how Sylar is going to be part of this season since at the end of last season he was “turned” into Nathan.

    Yes, the guy narrating is from Prison Break. He played a serial killer con-man on that show.

  6. Night Marshal on

    Meh, I can’t say I care that much. I’ll watch if they put in on Netfilx like they did that last year but other than that just seems like more of the same.

  7. Splitting up the last season into two volumes means that it seems like Heroes has sucked for a lot longer than it really has. At the end of the last series, I was ready to drop it for good. However, this really does look like a promising story. 1) It seems to have some elements of normal lives which made season 1 so good. (IOW, people who are sometimes heroes rather than heroes who are sometimes people) and 2) This doesn’t look like a story that has been told 1,000 times already in comics. A weird cult of super-powered carnies? Cool! Well, I guess it’s kinda like the Morlocks but better b/c they’re carnies!

  8. The first season was mediocre but enjoyable…
    The second season became rediculous, but had some cool moments…
    The thrid season had so much pain in the ass moments, that I wanted to throw up…

    The trailer looks cool…looks like something Heroes wanted to be in the first season (or I hoped to be)…I loved the “Peter uses superpowers” moments, but I’m afraid the Claire-story will be repeating her problems all over again. After the end of season 3 the Sylar/Nathan – situation is just stupid and makes me want throw up again. And I don’t think that Ali Larter will have a good/believebale storyline (why killing Nicky instead of finding a way of making her interesting). But that cult loooks cool…we’ll see, perhaps without the company etc. it will be good again

  9. I’ve enjoyed the whole of Heroes, sure some have been better than others, but it’s been overall entertaining. I just wish they would let Sylar die instead of trying to make him interesting and always making him a huge plot point.

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