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  1. ~wyntermute~ on

    *The savage, solitary Wyntericus Muteum ranges predatorily across the Major Spoiler veldt… Noting a change in the air, the snarky biped sees the unsuspecting cover image drinking at a nearby watering hole. Deciding it is not worth his time, the fierce hunter-gatherer-reader shuffles off lazily in search of inattentive zebras to devour instead.*

  2. Outside of Dreams on

    Since when did Reed become so rugged and chiseled? He looks like Reed Fury, or Nick Richards…. You could park the Fantasticar on that jawline.

  3. If he’s solving everything, let’s hope he gets Rulk and Rubbishulk to bugger off into the Heroes Reborn universe where they belong…

  4. And look how grumpy Namor seems. Again, Reed’s found the trump card in dealing with that macho jackass – stubble.

  5. lifeisaglitch on

    I like it cause of the Molly Hayes and Deadpool…Actually im diggin the art of all of the frame characters..dunno whats going on with Reed there in the middle though.

  6. I love Eaglesham’s work, but his buff Reed is weirding me out. The Reed I know and love doesn’t look like Doc Savage.

    I suppose it makes sense in a way, though. If I nerdy science guy can alter his physical appearance, why not make himself bigger?

  7. Josh, he’s done it before, during Onslaught. Made himself all Hulk-sized.

    That doesn’t mean I like this cover. He looks like a jerk.

  8. “If [a] nerdy science guy can alter his physical appearance, why not make himself bigger?”


  9. Of all of the disturbing things about this picture, I think I find most disturbing the apparent fact that, if Reed touches himself just so, right around his belt area, he can make objects appear in splurts of glowing whitish “energy” which seems to bubble forth from that area he’s touching …

  10. who in their right mind thought this was a good cover?

    do they not have meetings where they decide if they are going to approve a cover or what?

    get Scottie Young up in this mug!

  11. I just like the floating Coffee Maker, I think Reed has made life easier for everyone including Spider-man who always gets a bum rap. Now he can swing around and then stick to a wall and always have a hot steaming cup of delicious coffee.

  12. I think it’s sad that the artist didn’t even bother scribbling his name at the bottom of this particular work of art. Perhaps after drawing ridiculously-buff-Reed, he didn’t have the strength left in his fingers to even sign his own name.

  13. Big Money B.G. on

    So what do you get when you mix 70’s and 90’s Marvel comic covers?

    It looks like the Reed that’s part of the frame is looking to reach-out and strangle the big one. And what exactly is the main Reed DOING, anyway?!

    Looks like he was walking down the hallway and he suddenly got horrible stomach cramps, the way he’s holding his midsection and his knees are buckling. But then he has that “I just farted and got away with it!” smile on his face. Are these just some side-effects of whatever cosmic steroids Richards is apparently taking? Will Congress forcibly erase him from history after this revelation?

  14. No, he’ll just make a deal with the devil where he and Sue were never married. That only screws up their story dynamic anyway.

    ZING! OMD SLAM! It’s like mentioning Hitler on the Internet!

  15. Ron Burgundy explains why Reed has the short sleeves and how he got Sue

    “The only way to bag a classy lady is to give her two tickets to the gun show… “

  16. I thought this WAS Nick Fury in a FF outfit til I saw the Gumby arm. Kinda look like James Brolin from the Marcus Welby days. Yes, I am old.

  17. I guess everyone has forgotten the way Jack Kirby was drawing Reed from the second year on. Reed was tall and muscular with a very square jaw, and often had stubble. This cover just updates that look.

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