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  1. I thought the Circled “4” logo was timeless

    In 50 years I’m sure my son will say “I thought the lame picture logo was timeless”

  2. Kind of like it…

    I miss the old Marvel covers that had the character or team in the little box and “Marvel Comics Group” across the top….

  3. Reed is a rough and tumble sort-of scientist. A complicated man, only understood by his woman. His *Invisible* Woman. Up yours, Namor. *I* grow body hair.

  4. I am a designer by day, and I am often disappointed by the typography in comics. Now the old hand-drawn logos were very cool, but the majority of the logos in modern day comics are pretty crappy. The Dark Reign logo is absolutely horrible, for example, and it is slapped on every major title they have! If typography is something you pay attention to, you will find all kinds of no-no’s in covers, intro pages and preview pages. These companies are so huge now, you would think that they would hire some semi-decent graphic designers. I work at a relatively small design agency, and I would be crucified if I designed like the folks at Marvel.

    A good example of solid design are those fantastic James Jean Fables covers. Just beautiful.

  5. ~wyntermute~ on

    Yah, I generally tend to not give a hoot about the FanFour, but the one thing I _have_ liked is the “Circle4” logo. Not out of “old is better” blind brand-loyalty, either, but for the simplicity of it and the ability for them to use it on their uniforms too. Now, like, is everybody going to have a photo of their face on their costume?

  6. @Matthew Peterson: Clearly, this new logo is entirely different. 1) Thing and Johnny are in different places, and b) the old logo didn’t have circle around their heads.

    C’mon, man. Pay attention.

  7. I like it much better than the logo they were sporting before the current one, but I really like the logo they’ve had since Millar started. It’s really clean and modern. Much better than the retro-tastic one they had before that. That logo turned me off because I kept thinking I was looking at a reprint of the Lee/Kirby run.

  8. Like Brother129, I too miss the corner boxes with the iconic character shots. Every issue is *somebody’s* first and just from a marketing perpective it helps immeasurably having a little picture of the title character(s) next to the logo. Marvel in particular was known for this touch, yet they’ve abandoned it. :(
    Of course I also loved the short-lived “frame covers” Marvel employed around 1971/72. Very bold and clean, with logos that weren’t just legible; they really popped off the racks.

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