Issue one of this new monthly series, which focuses on Gotham Girls Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, closed with Selina Kyle purchasing an abandoned animal shelter for the trio to share as their new hideout (for more on how the fabulous threesome got together, pick up issue one). Once the deal is sealed however, the women double cross Selina and spray her with one of Ivy’s powders to put her at “ease” for an interrogation. What do they want to know? The true identity of Batman.

GCS_Cv2.jpgHow Catwoman didn’t see something like this coming is beyond my understanding. Perhaps it’s because Ivy saved her earlier in an attack from a thug calling himself Boneblaster (whose sonic pulse affected her heart which was surgically removed by Tommy Elliot aka Hush) or has she lost her focus since the supposed death of Batman? Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Selina is off her game and she’s about the pay the price. The second issue opens with Catwoman meeting Talia Head in Tibet three years earlier. The daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul offers Selina a unique gift; the ability to conceal Batman’s secret identity deep into her mind where no one can reach, even in the event where drugs may be used. Talia feels it necessary to share this ability with her since they are the “women” in Bruce’s life and to insure that his secret identity be kept from his enemies.

Back in present day, Selina is reliving painful memories  (thanks to Ivy’s toxin) she has tried to bury such as her encounters with Jason Todd, Black Mask, Hush and her daughter Helena. She awakens bound to a chair thanks to Pamela’s vines and Harley holding a gun. Ivy proceeds to question her on the identity of the Dark Knight and Selina gives her a name; several names in fact. She claims there is a legion of Batmen who take turns donning the cape and cowl who play savior to Gotham City. Harley doesn’t buy it but her answer pleases Ivy and she releases Catwoman. As a peace offering, Ivy conjures some fruit trees and plants for breakfast while Harley goes out for some shopping on the town.

At the Gotham Café, Bruce Wayne (who is actually Tommy Elliot) is speaking with members of the press about his plans to rebuild the city when he’s kidnapped by a car full of gunmen. Tommy as Bruce attempts to escape his attackers but ends up getting pistol whipped when an unlikely hero comes to his rescue. Wanting to thank him for signing her release papers from Arkham, Harley takes out each of the men but can’t stop the car in time before it crashes through a toy store. While Harley is distracted by a doll she finds, Tommy as Bruce considers shooting her dead. Harley helped Catwoman steal the Elliot family fortune and Tommy wants revenge. He rethinks his strategy after spotting the store’s security cameras. The police arrive and Tommy takes Harley out for lunch.

After receiving a picture on her phone of Quinn and ‘Bruce’ dining out, Selina drives to the restaurant like a mad woman, Ivy in the passenger seat and explains who Bruce really is. By the time they get there all they find is Harley’s phone and the doll she got from the store, a steak knife thought its head.

Although I don’t like seeing Selina so vulnerable it is a realistic portrayal. We’ve all let our guard down at some point and find ourselves in the unfortunate position of being stabbed in the back. Catwoman, Harley and Poison Ivy have a love/hate relationship. When united they work very well together but when they don’t see eye to eye it gets down and dirty. Selina is also still dealing with the anger of being violated by Hush which naturally has had an affect on her health. Coping with the “death” of the man she loved along with her own inner demons adds up to one big mess. Selina is not what she use to be but she is trying and won’t give in.. She has flaws and faces hardships just like everyone else. Life isn’t always what we want it to be and we have to work our way through the hard times. I’m looking forward to her confrontation with Hush in issue three.

The series is off to a pretty good start; not great but good. I’ve decided to stick with it to see where it all leads and hope things pick up more with writer Paul Dini. I love the idea of having a title devoted to these three characters. The cover and interior art is done by Guillem March and I became a fan of his after seeing his work in the Oracle mini series.  The colors for the cover of issue two catches the eye but upon closer examination, I decided I don’t quite like the odd angle and facial expression on Selina.

I give this book 3 out of 5 Stars.



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  1. I really didn’t like that Selina – who has deep experience with torturers – is readily able to forgive Ivy – a known torturer and murderer – for the price of a couple of bananas.

    The whole thing just seems like a flimsy excuse to get the three characters in an apartment together.

  2. I only read the last 2 paragraphs of the review because I’m still yet to read it {since someone went all comic theif on me… lol :)}. I know this series isn’t “great” but i love how light hearted and fun it seems to be. I can’t wait to see if this issue carries on that tone.

  3. This one is on my pull list for the wife, and so far she has enjoyed it. She will drop a book in a heartbeat if it starts to annoy her.

    Myself, I’m interested in seeing where it goes. I know some people have had problems with how Selina seems to forgive Ivey and Harley, but I don’t think it is much of a stretch. This is going to sound sexist, but have you ever seen how some women treat each other, then call one another BFF? Hell, as a guy, I know that there has been more than one time of beating the hell out of somebody (and getting the hell beat out of me) and then turning around and end up having a beer with them.

    Good review Victoria, thanks!

  4. I highly doubt that Selina is going to stay vulnerable for long. She might be putting up with Ivy’s crap now, but tables could definitely be turned an arc or two from now!

    I wish they could get Jim Lee to draw this book. That would be awesome.

  5. I always enjoy reading the comments on my reviews to see what everyone else thought of the issue. It’s nice that we can all exchange our own point of view. Thanks, guys!

  6. I trust Dini to handle any Gotham character well, but I’m not really “feeling” this book yet. Perhaps it’s the art that’s throwing me or perhaps it’s just that the story hasn’t really gelled yet but, whatever it is, I hope it gets better soon.

  7. Ivy’s always been protective of Harley, I think she just wanted to know if Selina was going to sell them out to Batman and more importantly if she was still strong enough to hold out under the effects of her drugs.

    Let’s keep in mind that out of the 3, Ivy’s the brains of the outfit after all she does have a phd.

  8. Ricco,

    True Ivy’s got the PHD but doesn’t Harley have some pretty impressive credentials too (having been a Psychologist herself)?

    Selena seems to be the least educated to me in all honesty. Harley only really acts dumb as part of her condition … she’s shown that she still retains her intelligence every now and then.

  9. Detective Comics #823, although I read it in the first trade, “Batman: Detective”. Even without the art, the writing is atrocious; I’d be ashamed to put my name on it if I were him.

    Notably, in the story Ivy is left semi-naked outside the GCPD, begging for help, and Batman responds by knocking her out and imprisoning her in a gigantic test tube.

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