Scott Johnson is a very busy guy.  When he’s not working as a graphic artist, he runs multiple websites, including his Extra Life web comic, and numerous podcasts with topics that range from geek culture, to World of Warcraft gaming, to a future-tech show.  Scott’s latest edition to his  growing Frog Pants Studios empire is Heroes for You, a serialized radio drama that takes a humorous look at superheroes.

Scott had a few moments in his busy schedule to chat with us about the upcoming project.

Major Spoilers: Where did the idea of Heroes for You come from?

Scott Johnson: For better or worse, and I am a HUGE old time radio nerd.  Even though I was born well after the heyday of this kind of drama and comedy, as soon as I heard it I was hooked.  I still listen to old stuff to this day.  The Shadow, Gunsmoke, Jack Benny, etc.

The idea for Heroes for You came from a love of that old stuff, and the skits I have done time to time on ExtraLife radio with Brian Dunaway.  It seemed like we have always been onto something with this format, and it was finally time to do something in longer form, and put our writing, acting and production skills to the test!

MS: You said on your site that this is a project that has been a year in the making.  Why so long?

Johnson: Mostly, it was a matter of me finding the time and concept that I felt we needed.  The time came when I recently jumped out on my own as a full time cartoonist and podcaster.  The idea came a few weeks ago. It hit me that a fun format would be following to incredibly stupid and self absorbed super hero wannabees try their hand at Heroes for Hire work.  And as they say, hopefully, hilarity ensues

MS: What can listeners expect from the series?

Johnson: It will be done in seasons, the first of which will air this fall for 12 weeks straight.  People will be able to listen to the show directly on the site, through iTunes (as a free podcast), through Zune Marketplace, among other methods.


MS:  Is it just you and fellow podcaster Brian Dunaway doing the voice work, or are you bringing other podcast-celebs into the project?

Johnson: While Brian and I will play the main characters, each week will involve lots of guests to play such things as the villains of the week and other incidental characters and extras.  Have some fun surprise guests lined up, so stay tuned.  Some very talented people.

MS:  Is this a fully serialized story, complete with cliff hangers each episode?

Johnson: The plan is for the first 10 episodes to be villain of the week style shows, with episode 11 and 12 being a two parter. Very much an old school format, on purpose.

MS: Are you pulling characters from your Heroes for You art project?  Are you still doing those commissions?

Johnson: No as of now, but that could change.  The commissions are on hold for now, but I have plans to reopen that depending on how the series goes. I suspect it might mean a jump in interest if it does.

MS: You have some mad art skillz (with a z, that’s why how people know you rule), any chance you’ll turn this into an animated series?

Johnson: It’s been suggested, and I would of course love such a thing, but time will tell if we can garner the support and funds necessary to pull off that kind of production.

MS: What’s the release schedule for this series?

Johnson: This fall (somewhere in October is my current plan) the first episode will be released, which will start a straight 12 week run of all the episodes.  The show is being produced now, and will be complete before the first episode airs.  Archives will be available indefinitely of course.  If things go well, season two could be right around the corner.  Come what may, Brian and I are more interested in doing something fun together that we can be proud of.  If people love it, that is just gravy for us.

Bookmark Heroes For You now, and keep looking for the release of Johnson’s latest creative work.


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  1. This is a really cool idea.

    I dont know of any thing else like this, and if someone does let me know, but I hope it really takes off

    • Gaumer, if you are a fan of the olde tyme radio schtick, I highly recommend Decoder Ring Theater. They are on summer break right now with a variety of different stories, but during the regular season (easily accessed via the archives) it’s the pulp hero tales of The Red Panda!

  2. lifeisaglitch on


    HOLY SH&¤ you listen to the Red Panda to?
    Maaan all the websites i read are like connected…almost as if they were a part of some sort of …web.

  3. lifeisaglitch on

    Sweet Merciful Zeus! Reminds me of back when i was heavy into webcomics i think i found a new one to read each week (And i HAD to go through the archives) glad it only lasted 2 years.

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