Editor’s Note: For those following Julian on Twitter, you already know Julian slam dunked the Major Spoilers Julian Challenge at the San Diego Comic Con.  We’ll have more on this on the next Major Spoilers Podcast, but until then, check out Julian’s Saturday diary.

Saturday at last came, and I’m happy to report that I was able to finally complete the Major Spoilers Julian Challenge.  That’s right, three days of blood, sweat, and tears finally concluded on Saturday with a final count of 56 signatures. So, who were the final participants rounding out the list?

I’ve got a lot of big names from Image Comics on this poster, but I think I’ll just start with one of their star artists Erik Larsen, creator of Savage Dragon, and Dead Pool creator, Rob Liefeld.

On the subject of illustrators, Humberto Ramos was the next signer who was followed by White Out illustrator, Steve Lieber.

Webcomic creators were also shown in force as Scott Bevan and Kent Earle, creators of “White Ninja” and Jojo of Dead Squirrel Comics were kind enough to sign the poster.

David Petersen, author and illustrator of “Mouse Guard” joined acclaimed inkers and colorists Laura Martin and Alex Sinclair.

I have been neglecting the Big Two publishers recently, so I made it a point to get Marvel Zombies cover artist Arthur Suydam and Captain America penciller Steve Epting to put their mark on the Major Spoilers poster. Artist Reilly Brown also took the time to place his name on the list of signers as well

“G-Man” creator Chris Giarusso was also one of the 50 some-odd signers along with “Teenage Mutant NInja Turtle Artist” Michael Dooney and “Bean World” developer Larry Marder.

Now I promised I’d talk about more Image Comics people and here they are: “Invincible,” “The Walking Dead,” and “The Astounding Wolf-man,” author Robert Kirkman joined artist Whilce Portacio and “Spawn” instigator Todd McFarlane.

But Julian, what if I want a complete list of all the people that signed the poster?

Well, I can’t promise I know all of them (It’s hard to tell these things from memory, posters and signatures,) but here is a somewhat complete and comprehensive list of all the signers and their credits. No need to thank me!-

  1. Jeph Jaques- “Questionable Content”
  2. Chris Hastings- “Dr. McNinja
  3. Sam Logan- “Sam and Fuzzy
  4. David Willis- “Short Packed”
  5. Kris Wilson- “Cyanide and Happiness,”
  6. Rob DenBleyker-”Cyanide and Happiness”
  7. Matt Melvin- “Cyanide and Happiness”
  8. Dave McElfatrick- “Cyanide and Happiness”
  9. Zack Weiner- “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal”
  10. Jerry Holkins- “Penny Arcade”
  11. Mike Krahulik- “Penny Arcade”
  12. Scott Kurtz- “PVP”
  13. Ryan Ottley- “Invincible” penciller
  14. Cory Walker- Image Comics illustrator
  15. Jason Howard- “The Astounding Wolf-Man” penciller
  16. Nate Bellegarde- Image comics illustrator
  17. Benito Coreno- Image Comics author
  18. Yomary Cruz- Red vs. Blue voice actor: “Sheila”
  19. Gustavo Sorola- Red vs. Blue voice actor: “Simmons”
  20. Geoff Ramsey-Red vs. Blue voice actor: “Grif”
  21. Jeff Smith- Creator of “Bone” and “RASL”
  22. Ethen Beavers- Dark Horse Comics illustrator
  23. Mohammad Haque- “Apple Geeks” illustrator
  24. Ananth Pangariya- “Apple Geeks” writer
  25. Yuko- “Johnny Wander”
  26. Ryan Benjamin- Illustrator and animator
  27. Sean Galloway- Character designer for The Spectacular Spider-Man show
  28. Roger Langridge- “The Muppet Show”
  29. Rockne S. O’Bannon- “Farscape”
  30. Bryan Lee O’Malley- “Scott Pilgrim” creator
  31. Dave Garcia- “The Tick”
  32. Joe Linsner- Author
  33. Lenil Yu- Illustrator
  34. Adam West- Actor, voice actor
  35. Erik Larsen – “Savage Dragon” creator writer
  36. Rob Liefeld- “Deadpool” creator and Image Comics illustrator
  37. Humberto Ramos- Illustrator and Cartoonist
  38. Steve Lieber- Illustrator
  39. Scott Bevan- ”White Ninja”
  40. Kent Earle- “White Ninja”
  41. David Petersen- “Mouse Garde”
  42. Alex Sinclair- inker
  43. Laura Martin- colorist
  44. Arthur Suydam- Painter and Cover Artist
  45. Steve Epting- “Captain Ameica” illustrator
  46. JoJo- Dead Squirrel Comics
  47. Reilly Brown- Artist
  48. Chris Giarusso- “G-Man” creator and writer
  49. Michael Dooney- TMNT illustrator
  50. Larry Marder- “Bean World” creator and writer
  51. Robert Kirkman- “Invincible” and “The Walking Dead” author
  52. Whilce Portacio- Image Comics founder and Artist
  53. Todd McFarlane- “Spawn” Creator

Well, that’s a wrap folks! Did you enjoy this? Did I get any of your favorite celebrities of the comics world? I can only hope that you got at least a little taste of the excitement I got as I worked to complete this project.


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  1. @Kirby,

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    so yeah I guess you’d call me a fan. ;)

  2. Aw, crap! How did I forget to add Eric Powell, artist, writer, and creator of the Goon to that list?! Trust me, he totally signed too! My humble apologies Mr Powell.

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