A lot of panels being covered by the various Intardwebz outlets today, so why not offer up our Rapid-Fire Roundup of San Diego Comic-Con News.  It’s better than a live blog, because you don’t have to wait for the three minute update, and you don’t have to jump from entry to entry; it’s all under one umbrella-ella-ella.

Here’s the stuff in no particular order this evening.  I think I’m getting punchy from all the con coverage.

  • J. Michael Straczynski is taking over The Brave and the Bold.  That sounds like pretty awesome news to me.
  • There is a new speedster coming out of Flash: Rebirth.
    • Geoff Johns will be writing the Flash ongoing monthly
      • No artist has been announced…yet
    • Kid Flash will be written by Sterling Gates
  • DC has acquired the rights to THUNDER Agents.  Does that top Marvel’s announcement about Marvelman?  I hear crickets on both sides of that question.
    • THUNDER Agents (I’m too tired to type all those periods) will appear in other titles before getting their own title.
  • Scott Ian is writing Lobo, Sam Kieth is doing the art for the two issues.
  • Gail Simone said Wonder Woman’s appearance in Secret Six will have lots of creepy, disgusting reveals.
  • Deathstroke: The Terminator the leader of the Titans? So says Eric Wallace.
  • If you’ve been looking around for that publicized Paul Dini Zatana series, DC is waiting to release it when enough issues are in the can
  • Bob Wayne is considering putting the Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters back in circulation
  • It was mentioned yesterday that Krypto would be doing a lot of work in the coming Superman books, including Blackest Night: Superman
  • We already know the Legion will be showing up in Adventure Comics, but they will also show up in Superman and play a big role in the two series for the next two years.

Blackest Night

  • Black Lantern Aquaman surfaces in issues #2
  • Black Lantern Firestorm blasts into Jason Rusch life in issue #3
  • J.T. Krul will write Blackest Night: Teen Titans
    • Look for a lot of dead Titans to appear in that issue, including Terra.
  • The Black Lantern Rings seek out those dead people that matter to the heroes, not just dead people.  Because if the rings just resurrected dead people it wouldn’t be as intense.  Bob, the Mailman takes on Jason Todd in Blackest Night: The Postman Always Rings Twice, just doesn’t have as much impact as Ted Kord coming back to bother Booster Gold.
  • Which ring represents humor?  Because at a time like this, people are going to need a laugh or two.
  • Geoff Johns says Mera is a big player in Blackest Night.
  • Lips were sealed when it came to revealing what the Black Lantern rings were charging up to.
  • Who wants to see Sandman and Starman (the 40’s versions) show up in Blackest Night?  Of course you do.
  • Blackest Night titles that didn’t make the cut
    • Blackest Night: Vibe
    • Blackest Night: New Gods
    • Blackest Night: Captain America
    • Blackest Night: Walter Cronkite (too soon? Yeah, I’m a bastard)
    • Blackest Night: The one that died that turned Triplicate Girl into Duo Damsel
      • mostly because the title was too long to fit on the cover

Did we miss something?  Did you go to a panel we haven’t covered? Send us an e-mail and let us know your favorite announcements from the convention.


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  1. Black Canary’s shoulder pads and clenched hands terrify me. Did they get Frank Miller to draw those bits of her?

  2. I wanna see a Jason Todd vs. Jason Todd fight. What could creep a person out more than your undead alternate universe self beating you to a pulp while telling you you’re not good enough? Or is that just my nightmare? I gotta stop eating Vietnamese cuisine before bedtime…

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