A friend of mine trying to qualify for nationals at the Magic: The Gathering event in Kansas City overheard one of the developers slip up and reveal the name of the next set after “Zendikar,” The second set in the Live/Long/Prosper block will be named “World Breaker.”

This is a surprisingly big bit of news since it’s one of the few clues we have about “Live” so far.

You heard it here first, kids. Major Spoilers! Now spoiling trading card games as well!


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  1. Kurt Fenreer on

    Magic nationals qualifiers in Kansas City and Gameday in Chicago? Don’t these people understand that the eyes of Geekdom are on San Diego this weekend?

    Olivia Munn in a Wonder Women outfit trumps All.

  2. Kurt Fenreer on

    I’m not in San Diego… and my eyes are still on San Diego. If anyone besides Major Spoilers breaks this Magic rumor or if anyone that isn’t a 40K site even notes that GameDay happened this weekend, I’ll probably fall over.

  3. Cool spoiler info! Specialy since I think it’s a world premiere. A quick search in google for “set after Zendikar” shows your post as 1st result and other results cite this as their source for the name “World Breaker”.

    Maybe you could do something like a deck of the week to include some more Magic the Gathering to Majorspoilers.

  4. Kurt Fenreer on

    Yet one more sign that Major Spoilers will rule them. Major Spoilers will find them. Major Spoilers will bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

  5. Gotta say it doesnt exactly sound like it fits with ZENDIKAR…..or does it?
    i dunno i just want to see some damn cards from this shit.

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