I have several of the Ame-Comi line of figures, but none of them come close to all the skin that the Wonder Girl Ame-Comi statue features.

I’ll let you take the jump for the full on Wonder Girl action, plus a look at Wonder Woman, that shows even more skin.

Both of the  figure/statues hit in April 2010.

Here’s a bonus Steel statue, a bit out of focus, but then again, I didn’t take the picture.

via Action Figure Insider


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  1. John Morales AKA uglyhooker on

    I love these figures and can’t wait to add to my collection!! So far Hawk Girl and Batgirl are my favorites. I need to add these for sure!!

  2. hydrogenizedsoy on

    Ugh, that Wonder Girl statue is just tacky and while the PC gentleman in me cringes at the Wonder Woman statue…. There is something terribly noble and evocative about it.

    “Yes I’m practically naked but WORSHIP ME AS A GODDESS!”

    …….. Or something like that. The Natasha Irons one is just mediocre, scrapping the bottom of the design barrel.

  3. Ugh. Would you want your daughter growing up with this as her model of womanhood?

    But then plenty of young women seem to think it’s a worthy goal to become Playboy playmates — so maybe they aren’t as bothered as my inner feminist is…

    I don’t get it though. Can’t a woman be heroic, intelligent, powerful, strong and even beautiful without having to show as much skin as is legally allowed on U.S. beaches? Dave Cockrum got it right with his Tinya Wazzo and Salu Digby costumes….

  4. John Morales AKA uglyhooker on

    I retract my previous statement; the wonder girl one is awful. Looks stupid!!

    For crying out loud their just toys!!

  5. Big Money B.G. on

    OK…these are being taken a bit too seriously. Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman DON’T ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE THAT. These are specially-designed “Anime” versions of these characters, limited to just these statues, sold on the direct market/online where fans of such things can find them.

    They’re not trying to be the “role model” versions, they’re not in-continuity, they’re targeting a specific fanbase, and also those that might enjoy a statue of a pretty girl sitting on their desk. Not a big deal.

    That said, hell yeah I enjoy me some Wonder Girl wearing stripper chaps! Why not?!

  6. I was so disapointed when I saw these. As if the Catwoman ver.2 wasn’t bad enough. DCD had to make a 2nd version of Wonder Woman that looks even more like a hooker. Same goes for Wonder Girl.

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