With Blackest Night hitting full force over the next year, it really comes as no surprise that the Green Lantern: Rebirth story is getting the Absolute treatment from DC.  Or at least that is what Geoff Johns is saying.  And if you can’t trust Geoff Johns, you can probably trust DC when it made the announcement at the ComicsPRO meeting back in March.

There are plenty of really great tales coming out of DC, and many of them have yet to see an Absolute treatment.  Is Green Lantern: Rebirth worthy, or should there be other stories that should get a bump on the list?


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  1. It was a good story. I can see it getting a bump to go with the current Green Lantern push that’s going on in conjuction with Blackest Night …

    That said, I won’t be buying it.

  2. Big Money B.G. on

    Hell to the yeah it deserves it, maybe not before some other stories, but it makes perfect sense from a marketing standpoint. I already own the entire series in individual trades, but I highly recommend it to anyone that likes Superheroes.

  3. Geoff Johns gets treated very, very well by DC Comics. He is very hit and miss for me, but they seem to give him free reign with their characters. I guess GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH is his signature series, which means it needs to be treated like a timeless classic.

    Fine. Good for him.

    It just seem like there is better material in the vaults. John Byrne’s “Man of Steel” would seem like an obvious candidate, since Byrne would LOVE to fill a book like that with back-matter.

  4. I agree with everyone else.

    It seemed like it used to be for all the stories that people loved, or books that stood out and you could suggest non-comic users to read. What about Byrne’s MAN OF STEEL (per Dean) or Fables (per Kirby) before this? The name Absolute seemed to mean a book you ABSOLUTEly could not do without! Now It feels like they just want ABSOLUTEly all your money.

    But, I have been away from comics for over a year, so I may not be the one to really complain about this. But it would have made more sense to me to include it with a SINESTRO CORP WAR Absolute. That series was a little harder to gather and would probably do well in this format.

  5. Scott Steubing on

    I guess I’ll be the voice of dissent here. While a surprisingly good story for what it is, Green Lantern: Rebirth does not deserve the Absolute treatment.

  6. I believe that Johns said during the panel that this is the first of the trilogy that ends with Blackest Night.

    Stephen was there and he may remember better, but if thats true this is ok, I guess.

    As someone said during the same panel, “thank you for making Green Lantern and The Flash as important as Batman and Superman again.”

  7. I meant in the Live blog panel on the interwebz (yur using it now)

    I thought you were watched the Johns panel

    I cant stop watching these panel live blogs. Its like I am in SD but i can use my own toilet

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