Agents of Atlas chugs on, Exiles put out to pasture


Jeff Parker cleared up a rumor on his website about the status of Agents of Atlas and the Exiles series from Marvel.  For fans of Agents of Atlas will be happy to hear that the series will continue.  However, things aren’t so good for Exiles.

As for EXILES… well, as they say, you can’t save every patient. The best we did was a momentary blip with issue one of the relaunch, and sales went right back to where they were previously. In hindsight, maybe we should have waited a year or two before trying it. It was a blow to me, I was having a great time working with Salva Espin and Casey Jones, and felt I was getting into a good groove with issues that you’ll never see.

Exiles will officially end with issue #6, a double-sized edition.

via Jeff Parker