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  1. I can’t say I care for it. It’s way too close to Troughton’s costume for my liking. It’s one thing to have an homage… it’s another thing to essentially copy the costume and call it different because the trouser legs are rolled up.


  2. Dull, dull, dull. It achieves timelessness at the expense of looking ordinary. The only thing remarkable about it is the bow tie which decades of TV has taught us is shorthand for the self-consciously wacky or petty-minded minor officials. Not that the New New-Who will stand or fall on that!

    Moaning aside, cheers for pointing out the pic.

  3. If they are going to start recycling outfits maybe the 17′ baker scarf will make a return :). I believe that is companion next to him, if that is correct I don’t like where this can go. I hope they don’t ruin this series with drama.

  4. I’m just going to be the reluctant viewer and give this show a chance. Tennant took a few episodes to get used to him. After going over the first 3 seasons of Doctor Who, I’m pretty sure they made a good choice in getting a new doctor. I’ll give Matt Smith the benefit of the doubt that the choice was really a perfect one. Besides, the whole Benjamin Button situation with the Doctors is amusing if you look at the overall picture.

  5. Wow after two very simple but distinctive looks they seem to have gone for something very generic and bland.

  6. @ Brian Duff

    I have faith that they cast someone that should be capable. I’m going to wait and see how he ACTS but as for the LOOK they went with, I’m disappointed.

    That doesn’t mean I won’t love the show immensely. I’ve already planned on doing that!

  7. mreh.

    I love me some Doctor Who, but I really miss the older actors with experience playing the Doctor. Young is okay, but it seems like they (the current production team) just keep trying to pic “a pretty face”. What happend to the old, respectable Doctors like Pertwee and Baker!

    Still looking forward to some new episodes…

  8. As a newer fan of the Doctor I won’t really comment on the costume, but the hair bugs the crap out of me. It’ll be interesting to see what he does with the roll.

    The assistant though, VERY hot.

  9. LOL! Fantastic, absolutely hilarious, he looks like a whacky history teatcher, which fits. I like it, it made my day.

  10. It’s the doctor… I gotta watch it… but wether it lasts through my “grace period” will depend on quality.

    So far I think he looks a little strange, plus no more Russell t. Davies… that’s two strikes…

  11. Night Marshal on

    another member of Bow Tie Mafia. I still in wait and see mode on the new doctor, but I think it will all work out.

  12. I think he looks more like Rick (Rik Mayal’s character) from the Young Ones than Patrick Troughton. I’m much more interested in the new Doctor’s personality and in the quality of the writing than in the costume anyway. We made it through cricket uniforms, multi-plaid coats and suspenders with question marks; we can survive a bow tie.

    • We made it through cricket uniforms, multi-plaid coats and suspenders with question marks; we can survive a bow tie.

      Given that I had no idea what cricket was, I actually found the cricket uniform to be one of the more interesting costuming choices…

  13. Whichone wore a cricket costume? Multi-plaid coats I got, the suspenders I got, but I don’t remember a cricket uniform. Maybe I, like Matthew, just did not know what it was?

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