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  1. Oh, that Wolverine promo was for the Ultimate line of comics? I could maybe see him kicking the bucket then. Tons of people would want to read it, but then tons of people probably wouldn’t want to read a Wolverine-less Ultimate X-Men book.

  2. Didn’t they end the Ultimate X-men line?
    It may also be Captain America. They have the two remaining members of the Avengers with the three X-men..

  3. Now that makes sense, with the whole line of Ultimate unverse comics coming to an end and re-starting with a new name and all.

  4. It’s missing part of his right arm, didn’t Valkyrie chop part of Magnetos arm last time? Plus it looks like it was Cyclops that fried him.

  5. yeah its magneto, not wolverine on the ground. Also the ultimate universe wolverine is near invincible. The final issues of Ultimate Hulk versus Wolverine showed us that he could be decapitated and still survive. Hell, they even put his decapitated head in a room with no air and he survived. His only weakness seems to be that his eyes regenerate slower then other body parts.

  6. Look at what would be the skeleton’s left hand. It almost looks like what’s left of a very long finger. Then look at some of the debris inside where the left leg is in relation to the left hand. All of that makes it look like the left hand was in a clenched fist position with three claws extending from it. There’s lots of debris, so you can disagree with me and draw your own conclusion; but that looks like Wolvie to me.

  7. I think that wayyyy back in the Age of Apocalypse it was established that Cyclop’s eye beam was one of the only things that could destroy Wolvie’s adamantium skeleton, remember he had a stomp instead of hand? So yeah it could be Wolvie.

  8. At first I took the picture to mean Scott blasted (not “fried”) the corpse because his hand is still on his visor, Jean is looking at him like she can’t believe what he just did.

    But…the blast marks are TOWARDS them instead of away. It’s a red herring. Someone else (to the right of the scene) is responsible.

  9. Actually from the way they’re illuminated and the shadows the light source comes from the lower right corner, it doesn’t indicate the blast direction.

  10. If Cyclops finally got fed up and vaporized Wolverine, I will personally buy up every copy of this in a 20 mile radius. Greatest issue ever

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