SDCC’09: NBM Publishing Signing



NBM Publishing sent Major Spoilers the rundown of signings at the company booth (#1528) for the San Diego Comic Con.

Lewis TRONDHEIM  “Dungeon”, “Little Nothings”
Special Guest of the Show
Firday: 4-5:30

Rick GEARY  “A Treasury of Victorian & XXth Century Murder”
Thursday 2:30-4
Friday 10:30-noon
Saturday: 2:30-4

Neil KLEID “Brownsville”, “The Big Kahn” SHOW PREMIERE!
Thurs.: 1-2:30, 4-7
Fri.: 10:30-noon, 2:30-4
Sun.: 10:30-noon, 1-2:30

Shane WHITE “North Country”, “Things Undone” Special San Diego Preview SHOW PREMIERE!
Fri.: 1-4, 5:30-7
Sat.: 10:30-noon, 2:30-4, 5:30-7

Chad Michael WARD “Black Rust”
Thursday: 4-5:30
Fri.: 2:30-4
Sat.: 5:30-7

Cornnell CLARKE “Peanut Butter”
Wed.: 6-7:30
Thurs.: 2:30-4, 5:30-7
Fri.: 1-2:30, 5:30-7
Sat.: 1-2:30, 4-5:30
Sun.: 1-2:30

Publisher Terry NANTIER will be on the panel about Comics Strips Reprints Friday at 1:30PM

via NBM Publishing