Walking Dead/Chew flipbook lands you two comics in one


I like the flipbook concept, unless of course I’m stupid enough to pull two copies off the shelf thinking they are different without flipping through the issue first.  Anyhoo, Image Comics is taking the sold out #1 issue of Chew and packaging it with The Walking Dead #63.  This isn’t some half issue, or two page preview gimmick, Image is putting the full issue in the book, giving readers 2 comics for the price of one.

“As a creator, there’s nothing more satisfying than hearing that a lot of people are interested in reading your book. The flip side of this is there’s nothing more frustrating than hearing how people can’t get a hold of your book to read,” John Layman said in  a prepared statement. “So, Image and Robert Kirkman concocted this great plan to put CHEW in a lot of people hands– and for the unbeatable low, low price of ‘free’.”

The only drawback is the entire issue will be black and white, meaning the cool colors of Rob Guillory will be missing – at least until you go out and buy issue #2.

Walking Dead #63 arrives July 17, 2009 for $2.99.

via Image Comics