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  1. Scott Steubing on

    If Marvel put out a 16 page comic for four bucks, people would be calling for Quesada’s head on a plate. DC puts out a 16 page comic for four bucks, and people can’t wait for it.

    I guess DC really succeeded in using the over-sized pages to distract people from the fact that it’s a 16 page book for four bucks.

    And before someone says the pages are four times the size of a regular comic book so it’s more like a 64 page comic for four bucks, I’ve looked at all the preview pages for Wednesday Comics DC has put out. While I admit they look great, they do not have four times the content as a regular comic book page.

  2. I’ll give the fist issue a try. Including Kamandi, Metamorpho, Deadman, and the Metal Men sold me early on. José Luis García-López on anything is a draw for me.

  3. Since I am not a huge DC reader, I don’t know who 85% of these characters are. That is probably the major reason I am not buying it, but that doesn’t mean I won’t take a look at it in the store. Plus, I will read all the reviews on http://www.majorspoilers.com so it will be like reading the book for free.

  4. “Since I am not a huge DC reader, I don’t know who 85% of these characters are.”

    There are fifteen features:


    Now, you can be forgiven for not knowing the folks on the list from the Metal Men on down (and, if you’re not of a certain age, =maybe= Hawkman), but not knowing 85% would leave you clueless about Flash (had a prime-time TV series), Catwoman (been on TV and in movies, including her own), the Teen Titans (long-running cartoon series just this decade), Green Lantern (!), Supergirl (!!) and Wonder Woman (!!!).

    This is, how you say, difficult to accept.

    I can understand that seeing the work of great artists at a huge size could turn you off this project.

    No, wait. No, I can’t. Sixteen poster-sized pages of great art for $3.99 may just be the steal of the year! That it also has story from folks like Neil Gaiman(!) and Kurt Busiek (!!) is like extra gravy on your cheese fries. (Heck, it even makes up for giving Dan DiDio a page. A little.)

  5. Just picked this up today (along with the Adventures of Tin Tin Vol. II), and I think it’s pretty great.

    I abandoned floppy monthly comics about three years ago, due to crossover-itis and other continuity laden problems within the Marvel and DC Universes. I mostly read trades/collections these day.

    These stories seem designed to be relatively baggage free, and with the weekly one-page format the stories will have to move forward with each installation to keep people coming back. This is not a bad thing.

    I’d say each page here is anywhere from 1.5 to 3 standard comics pages of content so I guess you’re getting AT LEAST 24 pages of content (probably closer to 32) for $4 which is comparable to many Marvel titles these days.

    I have to say that the Batman, Metal Men, Metamorpho, Deadman, Catwoman/Demon, Kamandi, and Adam Strange stories are currently the ones I’m looking forward to reading most. The Sgt. Rock, Supergirl, and Superman stories also pulled me in right away.

    The Wonder Woman, Hawkman, and Teen Titans stories didn’t really pull me in at all. The Green Lantern and the Flash stories also intrigued me, but I felt like I was getting shortchanged with the Flash/Iris split. Hopefully that won’t last too long.

    Basically, I felt the stories that came charging out of the gate are the ones that worked best and left me wanting more.

    The art is top notch on every page, and I love the mix of traditional styles with the more modern approaches.

    I’ll pick up week two for sure. Since I haven’t visited a comic shop on a weekly basis in several years, I’d say DC has really accomplished something here.

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