Transformers 2 Reviewed

This issue: The Major Spoilers Crew takes a look at Transformers 2: The Revenge of the Fallen movie, and give you their honest reaction to the movie.


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  1. More Shia LaBeouf hate jump off his D**k already man i dont think Shia want on a no rant once in this movie just stop hating and enjoy a movie or a comic if you can you make fun of the comic fanboys for bitchin about every little thing and not being able to just let things go and than tear this down cause it didn’t move you it’s a movie about toys that turn in to cars i dont think this movie is suppose to blow your mind transformers is just one big commercial

  2. I agree with practically everything you said. Saw it just yesterday in a late screening and I liked some of the fight scenes but whenever there was dialogue (especially with the human characters) I cringed. Also, some of the fights were hard to follow because they did not individualize the robots that much (I could hardly distinguish Starscream from Megatron from some other Decepticons). Also the jokes sucked.

  3. I have been visiting your website for a while now and I really do enjoy the stories you guys run. Never listened to your podcasts (seriously I almost never listen to any podcasts so it has nothing to do with your podcast) until now. I really enjoyed it I think that as a fan who grew up loving the Transformers part of me wants to like the movie more but the greater part of me knows its not a very good film from a whole story stand point. It isn’t an effective follow up to the first one simply because things became a little too over blown. I think there was a chance to really craft a solid follow up (not an Oscar worthy or critically acclaimed follow up), but one which would continue the story in a believable way as it was set up in the first movie.
    The problem for me with Transformers has always been the story often takes a back seat to the need to launch new toys, hence why Optimus Prime was killed off in the ’86 movie. I just think that your pitch about Starscream being the leader and an in effective one at that would have made for a better movie and would have given a reason for Megatron’s return. Hence it would have been a real “Revenge of the Fallen” when Megatron returned. At any rate I’ll just take it for what its worth and hope that if there is another one made that some serious thought is given to continuing the story and not just cranking out another one to simply do it. Great podcast. And I did really enjoy the first Transformers movie but this one is just a big movie which I did enjoy on some level but overall wouldn’t bother with seeing again.

  4. Whoever came up with the idea of Mudflap and Skidz should be shot.

    Megan Fox was the most boring human in this movie. Seriously, she was the definition of eye-candy. I can’t think of any other reason she needed to be in this movie. Same with the roommate (except without the eye-candy part)

    Shia wasn’t all that bad. He was a definite improvement over the last movie. He was actually worthy of being a hero of this movie. He wasn’t obnoxious, he didn’t talk too fast, and I only recall one “No,” rant. He was the best human character in this movie.

    All the robot battles kicked ass. There was not a single battle that I didn’t want to rewind and watch it again.

    Good movie in that I got to see robots fight each other, but that pesky story still needs to be “transformed” into something competent (sorry but that was an easy one)

  5. After listening to this podcast, I’m reevaluating and giving it 1.5/5 meatloafs.

    Rodrigo: What were the other two proposals you had with Bryan?

  6. Proposal #2 is a takeoff of a beastwars storyline:
    A dozen new autobots crash-land on earth! However, The Decepticons find a way to re-program autobots into decepticons. It becomes a race against time as Optimus and his cool guys try to get to each crash site before Starscream and his cronies. In the end only a handful are saved. The big win for the good guys happens when (in the nick of time) sam and bumblebee find a way to reverse the programming, suddenly freeing the autobots from starscream’s virus… hot australian girl and chubby black dude from movie one are involved.

  7. Proposal #3
    Star Scream gets a hold of THE MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP, it’s a device that greatly increases the power of its bearer, and also allows almost direct control of any cybertronian troops loyal to the leader (yeah this is a little complex but you’ll see).
    It comes down to Star Scream doing all kinds of cool stuff with it, tearing apart his cronies to armor himself up (a la Optimus in the real Transformers 2) and forcibly turning the constructicons into devastator.
    He is defeated when Sam, who he’s been keeping as a pet, manages to dislodge the Matrix and give it to optimus, who immediately voltronizes and takes out a bunch of decepticons and is all like KA-POW!

    in all three potential pitches there would be some groundwork laid for megatron’s return in the third one.

  8. Holy Crap Rodrigo…

    Spam the hell out of Michael Bay’s inbox until you can get your voice heard dude!

    But I did hear that Bay may not be returning for the third movie (that’s just a rumor though). I certainly wouldn’t mind that…

    In fact, I predict that in a minimum of 4 years after the third movie, we’re going to see a brand new reboot of the series a la Christopher Nolan taking over for Shumacher on Batman which will result in a brand new thing with a better balance on characterization and action.

    So tag this page and just wait 5 years… or don’t.

  9. Thank you very much Rodrigo.

    I really like your second proposal. Maybe it’s just because I’m a bit of a Beast Wars Fanboy.

    Why universe hate Waspinator?

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