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  1. Apparently I didn’t know enough about Megan Fox, I had no idea she was a comic book fan or a pretty good artist. I think I see an art appreciation coming up if Stephen can find some of her art out in the webz.

  2. ?Gaumer?
    that is a rather weird thing to say? one “latino” why not just say one guy or one man? whats the deal?

  3. The most aptly named human on the planet? Can you say that?
    Because in spanish “foxy” means “Slutty” so…

  4. Discount Lad on

    Seems kind of fishy. Sort of like when Ryan Reynolds said he’s been trying to get a Deadpool movie in the works for “six years”.

  5. Retitle this “Megan Fox Pretends She Has a Talent & Hobby Besides Making O-Faces and Lowing Men’s Standards” and it’ll be accurate. Christ, I hate her shallow ass. This is so calculated it’s pathetic, yet how many dumb guys will fall for it because “OMG shes hott”.

  6. @mela

    i dont think she is pretending…i’ve seen some interviews with her and she seems genuine…and they way she was naming of somewhat indie comics i was pleasently surprised!

  7. Talk about self-promotion…she’s got the power, that one..the force is definitely strong. Basically she claims she likes Fathom which was what she read as a youngster…last I checked that comic isn’t that old. And isn’t she attached to star and produce that? hmmm…was anyone out there buying that BS. And how many people here think she got that drawing of Jimmy at the Venice boardwalk from one of those guys that does sketches for 10 bucks…come on now.

  8. @ downbylaw

    I didnt mean anything by it. Just identifying the guy. Guillermo IS Latino and I know I wouldn’t bathe again (at least for awhile) if I got all legged up by Megan Fox.

  9. @ Rooney

    I think it’s legit. She was born in 86. Fathom came out in 2000. I’d say 14-15 qualifies as “a youngster”. She also mentioned Witchblade and Gen 13, and properly named the penciller for Gen 13. In the main stream world gen 13 was nothing, but it was a hit in the comic world and the type of book as teen girl, not into crazy indy stuff, would love. These were all books that consumed much of my teen years. I was in grade when I discovered Gen 13. I’m 4 years older than she is. It makes sense.

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