J. Michael Straczynski has confirmed to CBR that he is indeed leaving Thor.

I agonized over this for months, then finally — and I’m trying to remember when the email chain took place, but I think it was somewhere either just before or just after the first of the year — I went to the ever-patient and wonderful [editor]Warren Simons, and the equally patient, warm and fuzzy [Publisher] Dan Buckley, and said of the coming event, “I really, really hate this, because creatively I’m having the time of my life, but I think I need to let go of the book or risk screwing it up when we hit the Event.” It was an awful decision, not just because it’s a hit book, but because it’s the only place I could do that sort of faux-Shakespearean style of dialogue that I love so much. There’s simply no other book out there where you can indulge in that.

There are no creative difference according to JMS, but the fear or Thor being influenced to the negative by “The Siege of Asgard Big Crossover Event”” seems like a good enough reason to get out while the gettin’s good.  The exit does leave open the opportunity to do more DC work. The writer says he just completed his The Brave and the Bold work, as well as having already turned in his Red Circle scripts.

It’s kind of disappointing that a decision like this ends up forcing a writer to walk away as JMS’s Thor really got me into reading that title.

Okay, it’s your turn Spoilerites – DISCUSS I SAY!

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  1. I would have liked to have seen JMS be able to complete the story he wanted to tell. I’m afraid that the end will be rushed and will negatively affect how JMS’s run is viewed in the future.

    Once his run is over, I’d like JMS to tell us where he had planned on taking his run on the series.

  2. Maybe he’ll have time to go back and finish The Twelve which mysteriously just stopped 8 issues into the 12 issue run. Lked this better than Superpowers and was very disappointed at its hiatus.

  3. Another example of the big picture ruining the small picture?

    It’s surprising that we get any good stories when writers have to keep up with a new status quo every 2 years.

    My wife got me the Rising Stars Compendium for Father’s Day and JMS can tell an epic story that stays compelling issue to issue and last 40 issues.

    This sucks. But maybe JMS can do another book like Rising Stars. I know I’d buy it

  4. JMF (Brown Noser Lad) on

    What issue does he leave and how long did he have planned?

    and the Twelve is Chris westons fault.

  5. Death to crossover events!!!

    i’ve been in love with JMS since i discovered Babylon 5, only a few months after he started amazing spider-man. i read almost everything from since.

    at least there’s some other stuff from him to read.

  6. ~wyntermute~ on

    This is purely selfish, but maybe now he can focus on the Red Circle gang… :) I used to think “The Fly” and “The Shield” and “The Web” were the coolest things since lime Kool-Aid, and so maybe he’ll be interested in diving into those full-time. :)

  7. Brian McQueary on

    I don’t find it selfish at all. If a writer feels that any stories they are forced to tell will decrease the quality of the book then I’m glad that they walk away. JMS got me to read Thor for the first time in my comic reading life and I’d rather he go out on top instead of dragging the book down to satisfy Marvel’s need to tell another “event” story.

    This is the only Marvel book with a $3.99 price tag that I was willing to stick with. When JMS leaves, so do I.

  8. I agree with Brian. The events should flow out of the storytelling of the book, not vice versa.

    Right now, the big publishers can shove their events up their collective Mjolnir, as far as I’m concerned…

  9. Anthony Musa on

    Brian and Matthew, I believe I wyntermute was referring to himself as selfish for wanting JMS to leave Thor so that he can return to the Red Circle gang.

    As for me, I’m honestly glad JMS is taking off at the top of his game, rather than trying to accommodate his story to the upcoming crossover event. While I will surely miss his contributions to Thor and most likely will stop reading once he leaves, no writer should continue to write for any comic when they believe they cannot properly incorporate their ideas into the crossovers that have plagued both major publishers as of late. As much as I’d like Thor to have a degree of separation from the rest of the Marvel Universe, a la Daredevil, he is too iconic of a character for Marvel not to include his title in their ongoing events.

    In any case, JMS has shown great interest in writing Superman, so here’s hoping DC gives him the chance in the near future.

  10. ~wyntermute~ on

    I didn’t mean i thought what he was doing is selfish, I meant my want for him to work the Red Circles was. I just wanted to clear that up. :) Like, as in “Balls to whatever he wants! I WANTS ME SOME WEB~!! BRING ON THE SHIELD!!” etc. :D I guess I can see how my previous thingee could have been misinterpreted. :)

  11. Maybe he could have told his story if the book ever came out on time. I smell bullshit here. This is JMS stirring the pot, just like he did with his over dramatic exit from Amazing Spider-man.

    And really, he was able to ignore the previous events that happened around his title, so why is this one different?

  12. Amazing, Marvel Comics has canceled yet another series of the few I was buying from them. There are only three left and Quesada has a history of f-ing around with Warren Ellis’ projects. Come on Marvel I know you can cancel these last three!! Give it your best shot!!!!!!!!!!!

    JMS’ Thor was the best Thor has been since Walter Simonson’s run on Thor.

    I know exactly what he should be working on next – DOC SAVAGE for DC Comics. After reading Incognito Issues 1 – 4 by Ed Brubaker anyone can see the tremendous story potential these characters have.

    JMS would also do a GREAT revival of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents – should Didio ever get the rights to the characters.

    It’s funny, JMS was one of the writers that got me addicted to comics again. I had been away from comics for 7 years and then I picked up some PLANETARY, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Rising Stars comics in the early 2000’s. Those were some great comics.

    And now Marvel Comics(Quesada/Bendis/Buckley/Board of Directors) is destroying everything. Bravo

  13. Really not getting the feeling that Marvel is trying to keep him, unfortunately. Might stem from his revealing his feelings about OMD & the heavy hand from JQ.

    Regarding “The Twelve” finishing, from Chris Weston: “And before anyone complains, if I had Twelve scripts I would be drawing them”

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