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  1. Lame.

    They just brought back Cap and now they’re pulling this? I know Logan is WAY over saturated, but come on…

  2. The End!? Yeah TOTALY believable, the immortal guy who can singlehandly keep Marvel alive is gonna die, righhhht….

  3. Umm didn’t they all ready do a bunch of Marve “The End” series a few years back ? where we find out wolverine has an older ghost brother spooooooky

  4. Baron of chaos on

    yeah we are sooo going to believe wolverine will die….but on positive side perhaps would be a good way to quickly reduce his comic book over exposition for a while at least.

  5. Big Money B.G. on

    Could be “THE END” of Wolverine: Origins, maybe/perhaps? I can’t see a reason for the series to continue past the Romulus storyline, and Logan’s already got his own other ongoing series NOT featuring Daken in “Weapon X”, so…yeah. That’s my guess.

  6. another ‘the end’. there was one a few years ago.

    it looks like it’s a trend to kill important characters nowadays.

  7. Random question – are Logan’s teeth adamantium? You would think that whatever burned/ripped the skin off half his face might do a teeny bit of damage to his pearlys.

  8. If they pull it off, I hope they do it in Weapon X because that’s the only Wolverine book I pull. I didn’t get it this month though, too much good stuff in DC land to care. Weapon X is kinda expensive for something with hardly any dialogue either.

  9. Kurt Fenreer on

    Despite his healing factor, Canada’s national healthcare system fails yet another citizen?

    This is all Tony Stark’s doing!

    So… now who is the best there is at what he did?

  10. Ohh hey I dont know if anyone will read this or if this is too “Spoilery” but in X-men Dark Avengers Utopia Osborn has discovered a way to remove there mutant powers sooo perhaps it is a super lame tie into to Dark Reign where wolverine dies like he was dying when the High Evoloutioner ? Evoloutionary pink armor dude shut off the X gene because the poisoning from the metal started eating his skin

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