Yup, it’s time for another smattering of television rumors and tid-bits with an order of steak fries and a tub of mayonnaise on the side.  And by steak fries, I mean Megan Fox, and by mayonnaise, I mean get your mind out of the gutter.


The guy banging Megan Fox on a regular basis Brian Austin Green has already been cast as Smallville’s Metallo, now word out of TV-Land (not to be confused with TVLand) claims Callum Blue (from Showtime’s The Tudors) will be stepping into Terence Stamp’s shoes to play General Zod in the 9th season of Smallville.


Brian Fuller is once again off the NBC series.

“Development was really starting to heat up, And it appears like I may be writing multiple pilots for NBC so that wasn’t leaving a ton of room for ‘Heroes,’ unfortunately,” the star writer-producer tells AICN exclusively. “We crafted some really great arcs for the season that I’m excited to see come to fruition. I love that cast dearly and am sad to go, but the plate — she was over-flowing.”

If I remember correctly, he only had one really good episode when he returned last season.

Time ’til the season folds?  NBC will push the season to a fifth season just to open up the syndication opportunities.

Moving along to something more interesting…

Megan Fox

Hey, do we really need a reason to post a picture of Megan Fox?


Ok.  How ’bout this – Megan Fox thinks she might dress as Slave Leia at Comic-Con.

What’s this have to do with Television Rumors and Tid-Bits?

Megan Fox thinks she might dress as Slave Leia at Comic-Con.

Go clean yourself off now.

Warren the Ape

It’s from MTV and is a parody of celebrity reality shows with puppets.

That’s television gold I tells ya.

Doctor Who

The Children in Need Doctor Who episodes are always a big to-do, and the one that will air in November could be even bigger might just feature Matt Smith – the new Doctor.  The story apparently features David Tennant hunting down some time travel doodad, and needs his other incarnations to find it.

Yes, if the rumor from The Daily Mirror is true, all eleven Doctors will appear.

What of the dead Doctors?

The actors who are no longer with us, William, Jon and Patrick, will make special cameo appearances, with footage from original shows being flashed up on screen. It’s a really exciting project – and all for a good cause.

Consider the source (the Daily Mirror), as I believe this rumor has already been debunked.

Teen Wolf

With all the supernatural television shows on the boob-tube, why not bring the 1980’s Michael J. Fox comedy Teen Wolf to the small screen.  Before you shout “Ah, Hellz No!” at your computer screen (you really don’t do that do you?), MTV says the series will focus more on the werewolf mythos with a smattering of comedy and plenty of romance.


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  1. Smallville is still on the air? Why? ;p

    And just what I needed, an emo werewolf to go along with the Twilight emo vampires. Joy. ;p

  2. I’m still waiting for the 13th doctor, because we all know through one medium or another (comics) they’ll be the world’s greatest spash-page.

    Otherwise, Smallville/Heroes no interest, Megan Fox hot etc.

    Teen Wolf if it wasn’t on MTV I’d give one episode personally, but I have an IQ bigger than my shoe size.

  3. Enough already with the hot girls with proverbs/Latin phrases/quotes tattooed on their backs! It’s the new lower back tattoo. It’s ridiculous, and you can’t even read it in the mirror cause it will be backwards.

    Oh, and for those who don’t know, Hayden Pent-ICan’tspellyourlastname-teri has a misspelled Latin quote on her back. Google it for a good laugh :)

  4. Night Marshal on

    The Doctor who Rumor at this point sound like the same rumor we hear ever year about a children in need special. Not saying it can’t happen but guessing from the fact it happens every year I have little faith in it till I hear it from the BBC. So yeah debunked be one word for the daily mirror.

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