New York, NY (June 15, 2009) –It was the shot heard ‘round the world. Following the most shocking and controversial event in comic book history – the assassination of Captain America in the pages of Captain America #25 – neither the heroes of the Marvel Universe nor the rest of the world have quite come to grips with this most traumatic of losses. From the moment he was taken from us until today, one fact has proven to be true: the world still needs Captain America. And now, the time has come! At long last, the legend, the hero, is back.  Steve Rogers makes his triumphant return from the grave in the publishing event of the year: Captain America Reborn, a five part series from Marvel Comics beginning this July.

Long seen as the world’s greatest hero, Captain America made his first appearance in March, 1941, boldly fighting the Nazis in World War II. As a symbol of true patriotism, his popularity soared during the war as he became a nationally revered icon of US efforts to spread freedom around the globe. Serving as the Sentinel of Liberty for nearly 70 years, Cap embodied the spirit of the American people and became one of the world’s most beloved and recognizable characters. His death rocked the entire world, real and fictional, and his return from the grave promises to be a landmark event as well.

The recipient of two Eisner Awards for his tale about the life and death of Captain America, Ed Brubaker joins forces with acclaimed Ultimates artist Bryan Hitch for the landmark Captain America Reborn series. This partnership promises to produce the visually arresting, action packed story that fans around the world have been eagerly anticipating.

A story that captured international attention, Captain America #25 polarized shocked audiences by starkly depicting the murder the cultural icon.  On that fateful day when shots rang out on the courthouse steps, Cap’s greatest enemy—the Red Skull– achieved his greatest ambition—or so it seemed. Since that time, the Marvel Universe has been in chaos, as as the Red Skull has worked towards his true endgame.  But now there is a ray of hope in the form of Steve Rogers!

How can Steve Rogers return from the dead, and will his rebirth be enough to stop the global threat of his sworn enemy? Hitting shelves on July 1st, the special five part series Captain America Reborn finally reveals the true scope of the Red Skull’s nefarious plan, and begins Captain America’s triumphant return.

For fans of Captain America and those wanting to own a part of this historic moment in Marvel history, visit your local comic book retailer on July 1, 2009 to purchase Captain America Reborn #1.  To learn more about this landmark event, go to! To find a comic book retailer near you, visit or call 888-COMICBOOK.  And be sure to pick up Captain America #600, on sale this week, as the road to Reborn begins!

Marvel Comics is a division of Marvel Entertainment, Inc., one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 5,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years.  .  Marvel utilizes its character franchises in licensing, entertainment (via Marvel Studios and Marvel Animation) and publishing (via Marvel Comics).  Marvel’s strategy is to leverage its franchises in a growing array of opportunities around the world, including feature films, consumer products, toys, video games, animated television, direct-to-DVD and online.  For more information visit


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  1. I have absolutely no desire to read the book anymore. I loved the first 25 issues of the book and devoured the issues with Bucky, even if the Death of Captain America story arc was far too long.

    I came back into comics four years ago and I’ve been a big fan, but I know now that the entire genre is useless to keep up with seriously because there has been no sense of consistent forward movement since the sixties. What’s the point of Bucky’s coming out in Secret Invasion? Why should I care about any of the issues that I devoted money and emotional energy matter anymore? Steve Rogers’ return from death seemed like a gimmick, but when Bru came out with some amazing stories, I had no desire to return to him.

    I will probably stop buying Captain America now. What’s the point?

  2. I can’t believe you posted the headline in your RSS feed…that’s bush league…I’m considering dropping all my RSS subscriptions and podcasts from your site…I thought your goal was to become a more general comic culture site, but if your goal is to spoil major plots in the headlines of your articles to produce link bait, then I don’t have room for your site in my Internet/Comic life.

    • John: Perhaps you ought to do some research on what the purpose of a headline is used for. If you feel like you were “spoiled” because of a headline, then you’re going to have a rough day ahead of you, as most websites are going to run with that headline.

      Can you imagine what the public would have thought had the headline on December 7, 1945 would have read “something happened in Pearl Harbor today, read the article to find out more”

      Or, if newspapers were following your advice, can you imagine the headlines on September 12, 2001 would have read?

      Gimme a break.

  3. See, this is why I’ve ultimately given up on most Marvel books. I just cannot identify with a character who is designed to live forever and to be completely resistant to any and all change, and that is basically the summation of almost all of Marvel & DC’s characters at the moment.

    I’m just going to stick to finite runs of a series, beginning-middle-end stuff, like Millar’s recent Wolverine, Morrison’s Batman, and Cornell’s Captain Britain.

  4. Great, so the testicles I thought Marvel had grown have shrunk back down to tiny little sultanas. Shame, Marvel, shame… we all knew he was coming back but a REAL house of ideas would at least bait and switch us for a bit longer until the certainty had started to waver.

  5. I write for a Media site and most of the time I cover comics and artist. That being said, I love Major Spoilers even though there doing what I eventually want to be doing, I respect a lot of the moves they make, and I’m not one to throw compliments around, but they are one of the best comics sites on the web. Now, that out of the way…

    I was sitting at desk this morning working out some of the press stuff I had to get together for Heros.Con and my lap top beeped letting me know that this post was up. I got to it and I must say the fact Steve Rogers is back has filled me with an overwhelming feeling of calmness.

    Im the first to fly off the handle about keeping continuity and sticking to your guns and not making HUGE public moves to try and drive up the reader numbers. But that does not apply to Steve Rodgers. Steve Rodgers is as close as Marvel has ever come to having a GOD HEAD figure. He is just a guy, pumped full of US government super crack and handed a shield. Steve does not sit on a roof top in the rain and cry about his love life, Steve does not storm around biker bars puffing on a cigar and crying about the fact he has super powers, Steve does not put his family in danger because his Ego is so inflated that he thinks his brand of super science is perfectly safe for his wife and small child. No, Steve tosses on some chain mail, picks up a shield and runs head first at a tank. Because STEVE loves his country, because Steve believes in what he is doing.

    All the naysayers need to take a step back for a second and understand this is not some simple hero, some spandex clad emo kid with daddy issues or some lone wolf who has to be around people because if a hero tells a sob story in the woods and no one is around to listen to it does it sell books? This is Steve Rodgers, hes what any good man should be, honest, noble, protector of the week, I could care less if he worked for America or if his colors were red and gold, it does not matter, its the man, not the logo that matters. He is our mythic hero and I for one am glad that Major Spoilers can bring the news that he is returned.

    Thank you guys.

  6. @Anton: Cap was literaly born as an American patriotic figure during WWII, as such he’ll always have a special place in the Marvel U and American culture in general (when he died they put it on the news for Pete’s sakes). Steve Rogers is not just a figure head for the USA, he IS the United States of America.

    • Ricco: Good point. Many people pointed to the Death of Captain America as the “death of america” as far as symbolism goes, and it really seemed to happen at a time when the country was at a low point. Perhaps the “return” is Marvel yet again trying to tell everyone America is back. (patriotism mode off).

  7. I don’t think this is the right time to bring back Steve Rogers. I wanted to see Bucky fill the Captain America role for a bit, before Steve came back. So what happens to Bucky, are you going to make him a sidekick or a villain? Doesn’t seem right!

  8. I have 2 problems with Steve coming back. One, it takes away the whole “What would Cap think of me” that the likes of Clint Barton & Bucky have had since he died, like they want him to be proud. I think him being back takes a bit of that away.

    And it kinda ruins Thor 11 for me, which was one of my favourite moments of the last couple of years (where Thor met Caps spirit). That was the one time recently that I was genuinely touched by a Marvel book, and this cheapens it a bit.

  9. Big Money B.G. on

    I think everyone needs to calm down, those that are so opposed and “I’m done”, because this is all likely headed in a direction we’re all not expecting.

    I really feel that Marvel has tried way too hard to build BuckyCap as a character just so Rogers can come back and re-take his spotlight. I think we’re going to see Steve’s comeback either be really, really short-lived, or something will happen to keep Steve Rogers and Bucky separate. Perhaps Steve will reclaim his Nomad persona, since that’s up for grabs, and it would actually be the perfect role for him if he didn’t want everyone to know he’s alive again, yet.

    My point is, yeah…it’s publicity. So was his death, and that was handled pretty damn well, too. I think if you really are and have been a fan of Bru’s work on the title so far, you should keep rolling and stick with it. If the outcome is really, truly a void of creativity(Rogers just becomes Cap again, period), then fine. But just huffing and puffing at the onset of the announcement seems a bit hair-triggerish, and I know that’s the Fanboy method, but it’s my personal opinion the creative team on “Captain America” has earned our trust for the time being.

  10. There is something that the naysayers should keep in mind, he was always going to come back. There was no way in H E double hockey sticks that Steve Rogers was going to stay dead. The fact he stayed dead this long is already alot longer then what anyone would have predicted.

    @Stephen: Civil War ended with a war hero wearing the American flag in handcuffs and shot dead in front of a federal courthouse before his trial, as symbolism goes it was a heck of a strong one. Now that the situation has changed for the US, bringing him back may be a good idea.

  11. I guess my biggest issue with this move is the timing… true we have had Death’s Revolving Door(tm) for some time… but usually there is at least a bit more time between deaths and ‘oh wait, they didn’t really die/were sent into the past/were really skrulls/just took some time off/actually came back from the dead.’

    I mean, with Steve coming back so soon, it’s like an episode of Stargate where something happens, Daniel Jackson sacrifices himself/assends at the last moment, and is back on earth before the team makes it back through the gate…

  12. @John…

    Didn’t you read the name of Stephen’s URL… Its called Major Spoilers for a reason.

    at the article… I think it is too soon… and perhaps they never should have brought him back.

    I was for bringing back Hal Jordan… as GL… but only because I never warmed up to Kyle Rayner completely. Bucky becoming cap was handled well, and I liked the writing and direction/tone of the book, with Bucky as Cap.

  13. What I really find disappointing (and slightly confusing), is how out of touch I seem to be in terms of what I think is interesting compared to what I’m being told by the Marvel exec’s as to what “the public wants.” Sure, I expected Cap to come back at some point, but I really thought that Bucky was working and that I wanted to see it continue for a longer period. I also thought Spidey was a-ok being married, so what do I know.

  14. I like BuckyCap too. Hopefully they can coexist in a cool way.

    So maybe it will be Rogers that finally takes down Osborn and HAMMER… that could be a lot of fun.

    Also… Stephen named his site Major Spoilers. He should never have to apologize for spoiling anything. Ever.

  15. @OS Perry

    Weird, I always liked Kyle better, just a more interesting character for me I think.

    As for the topic, I really don’t think they waited enough with this, so I guess I seem to be on the opinion as a lot of people here. Bucky has just become a real Cap for me, and is still not The Captain America in marvel U (a.k.a. Stop calling me Bucky-Cap!!! in the new avengers, that was priceless :) ) But if they do think they have to bring back Rogers, than he better come with a bis a$$ flag and the shield shovin’ both up Norman Osborn’s …. and kicking the Davengers butt out of the tower, I mean come on, Venom and Bullseye should not be good guys even for publicity. Dark Reign is an interesting twist, but I’d like to see Norman sliced into tiny little pieces already by wolvie, or Deadpool. That character I just simply cannot stand. If Steve comes back I hope it will be the prelude of a serious butt-kicking in store for Normie, Bulls, Venom and Wolverine light.

  16. The site “ruined” the surprise? Never mind the fact that Marvel was the one behind it, the site IS called Major Spoilers for a reason. :)

    I am very disappointed to see them bring Rogers back…his iconic “God Head” status aside, the storytelling has been nothing short of fantastic, and everything was done where it just seemed so appropriate for Bucky to take the mantle, and yeah, that “characters never die” in the funny books thing really bothers me as well.

    I am at least pleased that it will be Brubaker writing – which means the story of HOW Rogers comes back will make sense (Mr. Morrison, take note) and will be perfectly entertaining – which is why I still buy these things at my age in the first place.

  17. Eddie Sheridan on

    I have basically wanted Steve Rogers to come back since he was shot. That being said, though, this feels a bit rushed. Bucky is just starting to take shape as Cap, and he’s done virtually nothing in books like New Avengers and Secret Invasion. I don’t really understand investing so much time on Bucky taking over the mantle if they’re just going to turn around and give it right back to Steve. Plus, with books like Theatre of War, Steve Rogers was never really totally gone from the Marvel Universe anyway.

  18. If Bucky has sucked as CA, then maybe this would be OK, but like Wally West ebing an awesome Flash, why do this?? Ugh Im so bummed. Maybe Bucky can become the new AgentUSA?

  19. Who pissed in these people’s Cheerios? I for one am glad Steve will be back. It seems like the Sharon storyline has been leading up to it anyhow. Let Marvel tell their stories, and if you like them (like I do) buy and read them. These other Captain Americas aren’t the real deal. If you want posers, go read the DC storyline with Robin as Batman.

  20. We know he’ll be in Reborn, but is there any reason to believe he’ll make it back into Captain America comics anytime soon? For all we know he’ll keep his resurrection secret and work from the shadows to help Buckycap and the New Avengers.

  21. @John

    Get bent, it’s Major Spoilers. Don’t act like you didn’t want to know what was going on with Marvel. Getting Ruselled is what happens in these parts.

    Eh … I’m not too sure about this I hate these big marketing blitzes.

  22. I think Steve (Rogers, not cool) goes and does the roaming America thing again.
    Then Norman Osborn gets a Winter Soldier cheat code and has his own mind-controlled Captain America.
    Then Steve comes back in costume.

  23. What will happen to Matthew’s phrase “Steve Rogers is still dead”?

    This Just In: Until I See Proof, Former Captain America Steve Rogers is STILL Dead.

    As with any comic event, ladles and jellyspoons, I will reserve comment until we actually see what happens. There’s no sense in being outraged, is there? It’s a comic book death, after all, we’re lucky that we got this much out of it. Hell, Wonder Man wasn’t even dead this long the last time…

  24. Perrin Aybara on

    well here we go again

    Consistency is something unknown today by most of the big publishers, everything is justified by the need to raise sales, each must decide whether to continue accepting it or simply stop buying.

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