John Carter of Mars begins filming in November


Andrew Stanton is the new big man guiding the mother ship that will become John Carter of Mars. The movie adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs novels has been on again and off again for what seems like forever, and each time the pitfalls have caused the production to collapse.  It looks like the film is finally going to get made, as The Salt Lake Tribune reports the Disney/PIXAR crew will descend on the state from November to July 2010.

According to a GOED executive summary, the filmmakers are committed to spend $27.7 million in the state and employ 398 Utahns during the seven months of pre-production and shooting. In turn, the production would receive a $5.5 million tax credit under the state’s incentive program.

That’s good news for the state, and Burroughs would probably be happy with the location, as he spent 1904 working as a railroad police officer in Salt Lake City.

via The Salt Lake Tribune