There have been some artist renderings of what Mickey Rourke would look like in Iron Man 2, but USA Today got the scope (is it really a scoop if the paper is working with the company to get first access?) and the picture of Rourke in his getup.

This first image of the character shows Whiplash making an appearance at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix. Favreau as usual is tight-lipped about plot points and declines to discuss whether the big-screen Whiplash is, as in the Marvel Comics, a weapons designer who works for Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell), a competitor of Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Can not wait for this movie to hit theaters.

via USA Today


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  1. If they do half as good a job with his suit as they did with Tony’s in the first movie it should be awesome. That is why Batman and Iron Man worked last summer both movies looked so real, as if it could really happen in real life. Superman, etc. are more about “magic” powers or alien abilities. I really felt that Iron Man could happen one day.

  2. That suit looks pretty cool, but the Russian prison tattoos look even cooler. And Rourke’s voice speaking Russian? Sign me the hell up.

  3. @KazooSpartan: Are you kidding? Iron Man is as implausible as Superman ever was. Where the hell do you think the propellant is stored for his so-called “boot-jets”? The suit is so small there is nowhere to store it. There is absolute no room for any motor-Actuators that give Iron Man his super-strength. He would never be able to life anything heavy. And before you point to those pictures of motorized exoskeletons that the Japanese have manufactured; you’ll notice the HUGE power pack on their back AND how they can’t lift anything extraordinarily heavy. As to the protective “bullet-proof” armor; again, in the movie the iron is far too thin to have protected him from the machine gun ordinance of the fighter jets that fired at him. The bullets would have sliced through him as if he were soft butter.

    Finally, I think Marvel is rushing this new movie too much. The Whiplash design is stupid and uninspired. Scarlett Johansen while hot, is totally wrong for the Black Widow role. They should have found a tall, beautiful, athletic actress with the acting chops to consistently pull off a russian accent along with several other accents (She’s supposed to be a spy after all). That is NOT Scarlett Johansen.

  4. @CF:

    What KazooSpartan is saying is that they found way’s to make the imaginary look realistic… Like the near limitless power source thing that powers his suit. They explain (in fake movie science) how it works.

  5. CF: You realize you’re questioning comic book movie science to comic book fans on a comic book site right?

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