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  1. After Bat: Man Alive! I’m getting a horrible feeling it’s going to be Vicki Vale: Lingerie Detective. Hopefully it’ll be some character development for Spoiler though.

  2. Misfit! With Babs in the book it would be an awesome continuation of BOP. And given it’s the BOP readers that will likely be picking this up, it makes sense.
    I don’t think it should be Stephanie, because there’s been no indication of why she would ever be Batgirl, plus it would just complicate the route towards her establishing her own identity. There’s nothing I hate more than a character who’s been around for ages but has no set values or identity. Wendy, meanwhile, is boring and is a totally random choice. Most people have no idea who she is, and what her connection to the Bat-books is apart from The Cure is beyond me.
    I wouldn’t mind it still being Cass, as she’s been completely ****ed around with and seems to be going out with no ‘oomph’. And don’t get me started on how stupid it would be for it to be Barbara.

  3. It should be “The Bride”/”Beatrix Kiddo” from “Kill Bill”. But, alas, no. Beatrix is the only one with Martial Arts training that could POSSIBLY go toe to toe with Batman. “The Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique” by Pei Mei.

  4. My money’s on Rose, just because of the smirk Batgirl had in the other cover. Wendy wiould be a nice twist, specialy since in “The Cure” Barbara was sorta the bad guy when she finally woke up from her coma.

  5. brainypirate on

    Didn’t the earlier release show a different costume? All black, with the stitches around the mask?

  6. If Wolverine can be in 4 teams and 3 series of his own, Rose can appear in two comics. Plus the back-up stories could be something she did before changing costume or something she does on the side. Mysfit is the most likely (and likeable) candidate tho.

  7. ~wyntermute~ on

    Rose _IS_ featuring in the “solo adventures of Ravager”, as stated in the tail-end of the latest Teen Titans… I may have not got the quote exactly right, but it’s implied that Deathstroke’s Baby Girl ain’t putting on a Batcowl anytime soon. I’m _hoping_ it’s Misfit, and that she’s rehabbed via the Batsuit into somebody with a bit more gravitas… I’m _figuring_ it’s going to be Stephanie, because that’s one of the most sucky options AND it kinda fits with Tim’s whole “No More Spoiler, I Mean It” proclamation. Maybe Steph goes to Babs, and it’s kinda like how when your mom gives you a way around your dad’s “NO!” “Well, he said no more _Spoiler_, right? Here. Try my old Batgirl suit on, you look like you have my measurements from waybackwhen.” So we get a Batgirl who’s in the Family, but sorta on the outs with somebody in the Family.

  8. ~wyntermute~ on

    Damn…. Now that you mention it, I _have_ heard legends about Rodrigo’s legs… I thought they were merely that — legends.

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