Seems Steven Spielberg understands that Tintin is more popular outside the United States, and has decided to release it internationally a month and a half earlier than the U.S. release.

Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment unveiled plans to release the motion capture pic Stateside on Dec. 23, 2011. But in an unusual move, film will launch internationally in late October and early November 2011, with Sony Pictures Releasing Intl. handling Continental Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America and India, and Paramount distributing the film in Asia, Australia, the U.K. and all other English-speaking territories.

I totally agree with this move, and I’m almost positive the Tintin film will do better overseas than here at home.  The only pluses for the film to do well in the U.S. is it is a 3D movie, it is being released at the holiday time, and if they hype it right, it should attrack the younger audience and their parents.  It’s just too bad other international comic characters haven’t caught on in the States.  Asterix is one of my favorite international comic, and I was blown away when I was able to see Asterix and Cleopatra a few years ago.  That film rocked, but was never brought to the U.S., which means I can’t add it to my DVD collection.

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  1. I agree with this move as well. This is the sort of film built for the international market.

    I’m really excited about this film, and agree that I’d like to see more international comics be made into movies, or at least imported into the ‘States. My mom is a French teacher, so I grew up on Tintin, Asterix & Obelix, Lucky Luke, etc. Very cool books.

    On a semi- unrelated topic, somewhere, I read something about one of the DC New Multiple Earths being similar to Tintin and his dog. Can anyone shed any light on this?

  2. What about Canada? Considering how the release date for movies in Canada is same along with American release dates…

  3. ~wyntermute~ on

    Man, why does us canuckleheads always gets lumped in with youse guys in America? Jeez. _I_ grew up on Tintin, and I’m preeettty sure I did not live in Europe~! :D But yah, petty quibbles aside, this is probably the smart idea. Word of mouth does great things for “franchises” that ‘nobody’s heard of’. International audiences will flock to this, and American Audience Members will either go “well hell, The Rest of The World liked it.. let’s go see!” (possible in the global-friendly, post-dubbya America), or we will get the “Pah. Foreigners.” reaction and this thing will bomb States-side worse than [insert your favorite bomb here, cuz i’m not going to pick a movie and risk insulting a dozen people].

  4. Well, good.
    But this one month delay is nothing like the 6month+ delay we often get in Oz for non-blockbuster films.
    For example, we’re not getting Coraline til August as opposed to the February release you guys had.
    One month is nothing.

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