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Graphic-novel house NBM Publishing is debuting new books at Book Expo America. BEA, the leading American book-industry trade show, will take place May 29-31 at New York City’s Jacob Javitz Center.

NBM’s booth, #2941, will feature:

• THE YEAR OF LOVING DANGEROUSLY by Ted Rall and Pablo G. Callejo.  Writer and cartoonist Rall (GENERALISSIMO EL BUSHO, SILK ROAD TO RUIN) and illustrator Callejo (BLUESMAN) tell what happened when — as Rall says — “I was expelled from college, evicted from my home, dumped by my girlfriend and fired from my job. Jobless, broke, with no prospects and nowhere to live, I found myself living on the streets of New York City.”

• MALEFIC by Luis Royo.  The sold-out collection of sexy, sensuous, horrific fantasy art by master illustrator Royo (DARK LABYRINTH) is back, fully redesigned and stocked with new art. MALEFIC presents Royo’s art for the covers of HEAVY METAL and other magazines.  It’s a must for collectors of fantasy art.

• THE BIG KAHN by Neil Kleid & Nicholas Cinquerani. Rabbi Kahn has lived a 40-year lie: he’s not Jewish and never has been. At his funeral, his grifter brother reveals the truth and forces Kahn’s family and congregation to question the nature of faith.  Artist Nicolas Cinquegrani will be at the NBM booth, signing a specially printed preview.

• GRAYLIGHT by Naomi Nowak. Nowak (UNHOLY KINSHIP) is one of the most avant-garde young graphic novelists, using multiple media and mixing the real, surreal, and unreal to tell tales of troubled young women. Her newest book is the eerie, compelling GRAYLIGHT.

• JOE AND AZAT by Jesse Lonergan. Lonergan (FLOWER AND FADE) spent eighteen months as a Peace Corps volunteer in Turkmenistan. His adventures spawned this tale of life in one of the world’s oddest nations.

• THINGS UNDONE by Shane White. The author of the acclaimed NORTH COUNTRY is back with a dark comedy. Video-game artist Rick Watt suffers under three incompetent bosses and a kinky art director. His wild imagination helps him cope until his seven-year relationship tailspins. Caught between fantasy and reality, Rick decides to pull the trigger.

For more information, visit NBM’s blog at http://nbmpub.com/blog/ and Book Expo America’s website at www.bookexpoamerica.com/.


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