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Following the smash hit, Star Trek: Countdown, currently third on The New York Times Best Seller List, IDW is proud to announce its latest must-read Trek series, Spock: Reflections. The series sheds light on Spock’s life leading up to the new feature film, and offers key insights on this iconic character, as well as a startling revelation.

“The new movie offers so much new material for Star Trek fans that we knew we had to do more than just Countdown to help create as complete an experience as possible,” said Scott Dunbier, IDW’s Star Trek editor. “This series offers a candid and occasionally poignant look at Spock.”

In Spock: Reflections, writers Scott Tipton and David Tipton delve into the choices that led Spock to live on Romulus, where Countdown begins. Artist David Messina beautifully illustrates the flashbacks that shed light on Spock’s path. The four-issue miniseries will be available monthly, beginning in July.

“With a character as complex and well-known as Mr. Spock, there are the famous dramatic moments everyone remembers, and there’s still so much that lies undiscovered,” said Scott Tipton, the series’ co-writer. “In Reflections, we’re getting the opportunity here to take a look at some of the key moments between the famous moments, and really see what makes Spock’s character so – dare I say it – fascinating.”

Spock: Reflections is a licensed product of CBS Consumer Products.

Star Trek: Spock: Reflections #1 will be available in stores in July 2009.


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