For those of you who have been crying in your beer ever since the events of Brand New Day, can heave a sigh of releif as the webslinger and the hot model are back together again.

Wait, what!?

That’s right, True Believers, if you local paper (are there any of those left anymore) carries the Spider-Man comic strip, you saw Peter wake from a dream to discover he and Mary Jane are still hitched.  Check out the editor box for how it happened.

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(Click for 760x527 image)

It’s too bad the real Spider-Man comic books can’t switch gears this easily.

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  1. Oh, but the comics can switch gears as easily as they’ve installed every other change in the Marvel Universe recently. Norman Osborn will be in charge, Steve Rogers will be dead, there will be no more mutants, and Spidey will be single until it’s no longer profitable, the EIC quits, or some other sea-change we can’t anticipate re-boots the status quo. I’ve convinced (deluded) myself that BND will eventually end with Peter & MJ discovering/remembering the truth about what the deal they made with Mesphisto. Now whether that takes one more year or five remains to be seen. I’ve been enjoying most of the BND stories but I am still optimistic that this will all be fixed somehow. If they can come back from the Clone Saga, they can easily come back from this.

  2. MaximusRift on

    “Crying in my beer”? Apparently someone doesn’t remember their own tears. Batman “RIP” anyone? ;p

    Brother129: I hear ya on Clone Saga. Completely phased out by Marvel as I recall. I miss Ben Reiily, though. Oddly enough, he was the single Peter that was supposed to be popular.

  3. Lifeisaglitch on

    “It’s too bad the real Spider-Man comic books can’t switch gears this easily.”

    Isnt that what created this mess to begin with?

  4. Here’s my dream Spider-Man story at this point: I think it would be great if Spidey could somehow shuck the whole lovable loser thing and end up being the pivotal character who not only defeats Norman Obsorn, but ends up getting the SHRA revoked, the real Avengers reunited, and as a main course learns about the deal with Mesphisto and gets out of it. Of course it wouldn’t be a real Spidey story unless someone close to Peter dies (Harry Osborn please) dies during the process. Hey, I can dream can’t I??

  5. suicidecrusader on

    I wrote a story for Mavel to bring Mary Jan and Spider-man back together and was quickly turned down. To read the story and see if Marvel made a mistake, google Mary Jane Trial by Fire.

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