Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is another in the big summer movie extravaganza, and it opens July 17, 2009.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has done really well in comic book form, and even though we won’t see Harry Potter comics in the near future, I do wonder how many comic book readers are fans of the Harry Potter books?  How many of the Major Spoiler Legion are going to see the Half Blood Prince?


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  1. I’ll end up seeing it. However, I am not happy about bringing the Quidditch thing back, always felt like that ran its course in the third book. Also, I know they’re focusing on the love portion which I felt was a weaker part of the book, but that will supposedly bring more people in. Adaptation for the greater audience blah, blah, blah. Sorry to rant.

  2. I am looking forward to it’s release. Probably be disappointed by the movie like all the other’s though just cause it’s a book to movie adaption but I can live with that.

  3. I know I’ll either be seeing it.. or hearing about it for months from my theater troupe…

    They still haven’t forgiven me for spoiling the ending to the last book before it was leaked…

  4. ~wyntermute~ on

    I’m skipping this one AND the final one/two because of the decision to split the last one in two. Yeah, suuuuuuuuuuuuuure there was “so much stuff we couldn’t cut that we have to make two films”, and that wasn’t true about ANY of the prior films. (The abundance of material, and how cuttable it may/may not have been is debatable, I know.) Yes, I understand that somebody at WB probably realized that there WAS no 8th book “in the pipe”, then panicked and decided that it would be okay to let this one run so long it HAD to be cut. Besides, the books are MUCH better depictions of the actual storyline, and the storyline is what I enjoyed about the books. I don’t care if Emma Watson looks hot yet or not. Call me when she turns 30. *lolz*

  5. John I.G. the second on

    The budgets for Harry Potter movies have become way too huge, look at those special effects, what other movie gets that kinda special effects.

  6. John Morales AKA Auglyhooker on

    I LOVE ME SOME HARRY POTTER!!! Slytherin’s for Harry!!!

    This movie looks freaking good and they only get better. I love how dark the whole imagery has turned into, just like in the books. This is a REALLY dark ending book that set’s up the last book (Deathly Hallows) SOOO well!!

    He who shall not be named looks evil & I love it!!

  7. I saw the new Harry Potter!! I really enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t in order of the book but lately no movie is. But i know that if i ever need to cheer up this is a movie to watch. There’s lots of comedy and the actors played the comedy and romance very well. Also, I absolutely adored the acting of Dumbledore in this film. In the previous three films he was very aggressive and loud. However, in The Half Blood Prince, Dumbledore was much more true to the character in the novel, quietly powerful. My favorite one is still the third one, because I liked the time-travel plot on the big screen, but this new one was definitely one of the better ones!!

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