IDW’s The Last Resort gets sneak peek at company website


IDW Publishing has its own take on zombie, but sending them to an island resort and letting all Hell break loose.  The Last Resort arrives from the company in July and is written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with cover art by Darwyn Cooke, and illustrated by Giancarlo Caracuzzo.

Jimmy Palmiotti commented, “The Last Resort is just what I want after months of super hero comics. I want my comics: R-rated; I want my sexy broads topless and I want our characters to be regular Joes that will just about do any atrocious thing to stay live. The great thing about working with IDW is that, unlike most companies, they let us write whatever we want, and we went nuts with this book.”

Being familiar with the work of Palmiotti and Gray, I’m interested in seeing what they can do with a story that doesn’t feature a large chested female superhero beating the crap out of everything and everyone. Check out the sneak peek at the company website to see what is in store for readers this July.

via IDW Publishing